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Interlink Introduces ePadTM XL Signature Terminal

Sun Microsystems Introduces UltraSPARC T1 CPU With CoolThreads Technology

Samsung Unveils First WiBro (Mobile WiMAX) Handsets

Micron Delivers New PSRAM Device

Leadtek Announces WinFast PX7800 GTX TDH MyVIVO Extreme 512MB

Intel Delivers New Era For Virtualization

TOP500 Names Blue Gene/L The Most Powerful In The World

Atmel Introduces Card Reader Interface For POS and Health Card Reader

New Cray Supercomputers Will Still Be AMD Based

Gigabyte Unleashes GA-8N-SLI Quad Royal - Four PCIEx16 Slots

Interlink Introduces ePadTM XL Signature Terminal

Interlink Electronics today announced availability of the ePad XL interactive signature terminal. The ePad XL terminal is designed for capturing, binding and verifying signatures, ATM card data and interactive customer information. It can be deployed in banks, hotels, car rental counters, cellular service offices and other customer-facing applications. ePad XL also displays text and graphic content for customer review and interaction. ePad XL is supported by with Interlink's family of ePad electronic signature capture devices and its IntegriSign Signature Software Suite.

ePad XL will be introduced this week at the BAI Retail Delivery Conference & Expo to be held in Orlando Florida, November 15th-18th.


  • Touchscreen:
    • Color or Monochrome 5.7" LCD touch screen with anti-glare finish (320x240 dpi).
    • Designed and tested for the retail environment with a low cost, passive, tethered stylus.
    • Scratch resistance: high quality LCD with easy to use patented field replaceable screen protector.
  • Resistive touchpad:
    • Resistive with 'soft' PIN pad.
    • Resolution is 903 x 1238 points per inch at 200 counts per second.
    • Active signature window: 4.45” x 3.3” (11.3cmsx8.4cms).
    • Activated with a light finger touch or stylus tap.
  • The bidirectional, 3-track magnetic stripe reader.
  • Security:
    • Secure key injection.
    • Tamper response.
    • aVisa PED approved dedicated security processor.
    • Firmware and file authentication (SHA1 and RSA at 1024).
    • PIN encryption, master/session key, DUKPT, single and triple DES 64 and 128 bit keys.
    • Signature data encryption (AES) is a recommended option to the standard model.
  • Compatible with IntegriSign Desktop and SDKs.
  • Supported graphic formats: BMP, JPEG, CGM, DIB, EPS, MF, PCL, PCX, PLS, TIF.
  • Abundant choices for powerful connections to your legacy and state-of-the-art systems.
  • Ethernet Channel - Simultaneous communications to an Ethernet port off-loads high bandwidth transmissions.
  • Powered USB (plus host), RS232, RS485 Ethernet channel or 120V AC power supply.

Source: Interlink Electronics

Sun Microsystems Introduces UltraSPARC T1 CPU With CoolThreads Technology

Sun Microsystems announced the introduction of the UltraSPARC T1 CPU - formerly known as "Niagara" - patented CoolThreads chip multi-threading technology. The processor will debut in a new line of Sun Fire servers before the end of 2005. The company names the chip the "world's first Eco-responsible" processor, and says it could eliminate the number of Web servers in the world by half, slashing power requirements and having the same effect in reducing carbon dioxide emissions as planting one million acres of trees. Besides, each SPARC-based CoolThread processor uses less than half the energy of Intel Xeon or IBM Power processors at 70 watts.

The UltraSPARC T1 processor also features eight cores, each having four threads, for a total of 32 threads that work simultaneously. The chip also employs Sun's radical CMT processor architecture.

Breakthroughs in the UltraSPARC T1 Processor (according to Sun):

  • First massively-threaded processor with 32 systems on a 90 nanometer die: akin to a 9.6 GHz chip.
  • First to put the rack on a chip: Internal communications tasks right on the chip means less metal to move across for better energy efficiency and higher performance.
  • First to put four memory controllers on a chip.
  • Less than 70 watts power consumption.
  • Using Sun Studio 11, the convergence of all three of these innovative technologies (Solaris 10, Java and UltraSPARC T1 with Coolthreads) add up to one innovation.
  • Improves system security via crypto acceleration. UltraSPARC T1 uses lower compute cycles to do the same amount of crypto operations.

Sun plans to begin shipping the new line of Sun Fire servers with CoolThreads before the end of the year.

Source: Sun Microsystems

Samsung Unveils First WiBro (Mobile WiMAX) Handsets

Samsung will demonstrate WiBro (Wireless Broadband; Korean brand name of Mobile WiMAX) mobile phones and systems at the "2005 APEC IT Exhibition" during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC).

The H1000 is a clamshell designed phone that can be opened both horizontally and vertically with a QWERTY keypad. It has 2.2" LCD screen and dual cameras (2-megapixel and VGA) and TV Output function. Additionally, Samsung will feature a WiBro PCMCIA card that can be used in laptops and Tablet PCs.

Source: Samsung

Micron Delivers New PSRAM Device

Micron introduced a new memory device designed for low-density, entry-level mobile handsets. The new x16 burst A/D multiplexed pseudo-SRAM (PSRAM) solution is said to further reduce costs for manufacturers within basic-feature handset designs due to additional features incorporated into an already low-cost CellularRAM device.

The x16 burst A/D multiplexed PSRAM features combined address and data pins used for both READ and WRITE functions and provides over 30% pin count reduction. The device is available in bare die form that enables designers to maximize board space and reduce substrate complexity.

Micron's x16 burst A/D multiplexed PSRAM is available now for general customer sampling in 64 megabit (Mb), 32Mb and 16Mb densities. Volume production is expected during the first quarter of 2006 to support emerging market demand for entry-level handsets.

Source: Micron

Leadtek Announces WinFast PX7800 GTX TDH MyVIVO Extreme 512MB

Leadtek today announced the new graphic card with 512MB of 136-pin BGA DDR3 memory — the WinFast PX7800 GTX TDH MyVIVO Extreme 512MB. I usually avoid praising products, but this one, without any doubt, is the most powerful graphics card which can be overclocked to at least 620MHz (see our yesterday review).

Leadtek said it also developed a new cooling system with 4-heatpipe and 2-slot fan design.


  • NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GTX GPU
  • PCI-Express X16
  • 512MB DDR3 (136-pin BGA)
  • 256-bit memory bus, 54.4 GB/sec
  • 550/1,700 clock rate
  • 400MHz RAMDACs
  • VIVO(HDTV) / Dual DVI-I
  • Multi-Display output

Source: Leadtek

Intel Delivers New Era For Virtualization

Intel debuted new processors with first hardware virtualization support for desktop PCs. Virtualization allows a platform to run multiple operating systems or applications in independent partitions or "containers" that can be tailored for specific needs such as IT management services and protecting networked assets.

According to Intel, with virtualization support, businesses can maintain full control of a portion of a PC to run security or management services without interrupting the end-user or allowing them to easily tamper with critical applications. Businesses can better protect themselves from malicious code or viruses by filtering network traffic through a separate IT partition before it reaches the user.

Intel Pentium 4 processor-based desktop PCs are being offered by Acer, Founder, Lenovo and TongFang. Lenovo is now offering Intel Virtualization Technology-based pilot systems to select customers, and broad support for desktop PC solutions from several other system manufacturers is expected in the first quarter of 2006. In addition, VMware, Microsoft and Xen have joined Intel in support of Intel Virtualization Technology on future Intel processor-based PCs and servers.

Intel will deliver the second phase of another platform innovation – Intel Active Management Technology – together with virtualization support on its dual-core Intel Professional Business Platform, codenamed Averill, later in 2006. Virtualization capabilities will also be extended to notebook PCs, and the company will first support this through Intel Centrino mobile technology-based platforms in 2006.

Besides, Intel announced last week that it is shipping Intel Xeon processors MP with hardware-enabled support for Intel Virtualization Technology. The company will begin shipping this same technology on Intel Itanium processor-based platforms in mid-2006.

Desktop PCs based on the Intel Pentium 4 processor 672 and 662 processors with Intel Virtualization Technology are available today on systems being offered by Acer, Founder, Lenovo and TongFang. The Intel Pentium 4 processor 672 and 662 are priced at $605 and $401 respectively, in 1,000-unit quantities.

Source: Intel

TOP500 Names Blue Gene/L The Most Powerful In The World

The TOP500 Organization, which ranks the fastest computers, named IBM's Blue Gene/L supercomputing system as the most powerful in the world. The machine, installed at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California, turned in a sustained performance of 280.6 Teraflops (trillions of floating point calculations per second).

Joining Blue Gene/L in the list’s top three supercomputers are IBM's own Blue Gene Watson system at 91.29 Teraflops and the ASC Purple supercomputer at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory with 63.39 Teraflops. ASC Purple's ranking marks the first time a system based on IBM's POWER5 chip has claimed a top-three spot on the list.

According to numbers compiled by TOP500, IBM accounts for 52.77 percent of the total processing power of the list, nearly three-times the power of its closest rival. In addition, three new Blue Gene systems – installed at Princeton University, MIT and Zurich Research Center – appear on the Top500 List. Source: IBM

Atmel Introduces Card Reader Interface For POS and Health Card Reader

Atmel announced the release of the AT83C26, a multiple smart card reader interface device. The AT83C26 is claimed to be the industry’s first multiple analog smart card interface which can physically handle up to 5 smart cards. It powers the smart cards with the appropriate supply voltage and enables data transfer between the host controller and the smart cards. System designers can use a single chip to develop readers requiring multiple cards, thus reducing system size and cost. The AT83C26 is suitable for Point of Sales (POS) Terminals that typically involve one user card and up to 4 SAM cards, and Health Card Readers that require 2 user cards and 1 SAM card.

The device can interface with any host controller featuring an ISO7816 UART such as Atmel ARM 7, ARM9 and ARM SecurCore (AT91SO100). Featuring two DC/DC converters and low drop out regulators to power independently each smart card, the AT83C26 is compliant with the EMV and ISO7816 standards.

For evaluation and development, Atmel offers the AT89STK-09 starter kit that allows to quickly connect the AT83C26 to an existing application or to an ARM demo board (SAM7). Samples are available now in VQFP48 and QFN48 packages. Full production will start in January 2006 with pricing starting at $1.95 each for 10K units.

Source: Atmel

New Cray Supercomputers Will Still Be AMD Based

AMD and Cray announced that they have signed an agreement that extends their successful relationship through the end of the decade. Cray will continue to use AMD Opteron processors for the microprocessor-based supercomputer products Cray develops during this period. In addition, the two firms will actively collaborate on Cray's mid-2006 proposal for Phase 3 of the federal government's DARPA HPCS (High Productivity Computing Systems) program.

Today, Cray offers the Cray XT3 and Cray XD1 supercomputers, based on the AMD Opteron processor, along with the Cray X1E supercomputer, based on Cray custom-built vector processors.

Source: AMD

Gigabyte Unleashes GA-8N-SLI Quad Royal - Four PCIEx16 Slots

Gigabyte has launched its GIGABYTE GA-8N-SLI Quad Royal, the first SLI technology enabled motherboard equipped with four PCI Express X16 slots. Based on the NVIDIA nForece4 SLI chipsets (incl. Intel Edition), the GA-8N-SLI Quad Royal is naturally designed for max. performance (and investments). The board supports eight monitors output. Other features include embedded post code debug LED display and up to seven fan connectors.

The company plans to launch sales of this novelty in the Asian market early in December.


  • Intel Pentium Processor Extreme Edition/Pentium D/Pentium 4/Celeron processors
  • Based on NVIDIA nForce 4 SLI Intel Edition and NVIDIA nForce 4 SLI chipsets
  • 1066/800/533 MHz Front Side Bus
  • 4 x DIMM, max. 8GB, DDR2 667/533
  • 4 x PCI-E X16 , 2 x PCI-E X1, 1 x PCI 2.2
  • Dual Gigabit LAN
  • 8-channel Audio
  • 4 x SATA 3GGb/s, RAID 0, 1, 0+1, 5
  • 3 x IEEE 1394
  • EasyTune 5, C.I.A.2, M.I.B.2

Source: Gigabyte

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