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Intel CEO Introduces Latest Platforms, Processors, And New Foundations For Digital Entertainment And Wireless Computing

Intel Unveils New Brand Identity

Hitachi Shows Streaming Video On First CE-ATA Hard Drive

Gigabyte Announces First Intel Viiv Enabled Motherboard

GECUBE Showcases 5 Innovative Products at CES 2006

Fujitsu Siemens Computers Announces Napa-Equipped LIFEBOOK E8110

Albatron Unveils KM51PV-754/KM51G-754 Mainboards On GeForce 6150/6100 Chipsets

Linksys Addresses Hot Networking Trends

ATI Shows High-Definition Digital Cable PC Receiver

ASUS Lamborghini, An Answer To Acer Ferrari

Belkin Introduces CableFree USB Hub

Seagate Introduces 160GB Portable HDD With Perpendicular Recording And 500GB eSATA Pushbutton Back-up Drive

Pioneer Introduces One Of World's First Blu-ray Disc Players

Intel CEO Introduces Latest Platforms, Processors, And New Foundations For Digital Entertainment And Wireless Computing

And another news about Intel. Its president and CEO Paul Otellini unveiled two platforms and several content alliances, including the new high–performance, low–power Intel Core Duo processor.

Noting the transformation now underway in entertainment, Otellini introduced the company's new home platform – Intel Viiv technology – and several commitments from U.S. and international entertainment companies including AOL, DIRECTV, NBC Universal, Turner Broadcasting's GameTap, ESPN, Televisa and Eros. ClickStar announced its first feature film, "10 Items or Less," with a plan for an Internet premiere within weeks of its theatrical release, an industry first. These and other developments will bring millions of songs, movies, programs and games to the PC in 2006, the press release states.

Intel Viiv technology–based entertainment PCs are to help make it easier for families to download, store, view, manage and share all kinds of digital entertainment and information on a choice of TV, PC, laptop and hand–held viewing screens.

Otellini also introduced the Intel Core Duo processor – a dual core CPU supporting the Intel Centrino Duo and certain Intel Viiv technology models.

The Intel Viiv (rhymes with "five") technology includes a suite of Intel–based hardware and software that, along with Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, offers new entertainment experiences. Based on a choice of powerful Intel Pentium D, Pentium Processor Extreme Edition and Intel Core Duo processors, these PCs will reflect a variety of features, prices and stylish designs – including "all–in–one" hybrid TVs and book–sized PCs.

PCs based on the platform will have a variety of entertainment options including support for both a minimum of 5.1 or higher surround sound and high–definition video. Systems may also instantly turn on and off with the touch of a button (when enabled, after initial boot) and could be used with TV–like remote controls when included with the system or purchased separately. Intel Viiv technology platforms will include the new Intel 945/955/975 Express Chipset family and Intel PRO/1000 PM or Intel PRO/100 VE/VM network connection.

Later this year, the platform will add features that will simplify the set–up of a home network and the ability to transfer digital content from the PC to other devices.

Otellini also pointed out a number of features of Centrino Duo mobile technology. In addition to performance, battery life and wireless connectivity options, systems will be available in a variety of sizes from thin and light laptops to more powerful ones with 17–inch plus widescreens –– and surround sound, enhanced graphics and high–definition TV support depending on the model. The Mobile Intel 945 Express Chipset family and Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection also are new.

Intel plans to introduce more than 20 new processors, chipsets and other products this month. Pricing for each varies and processors will be listed by product numbers.

Otellini also highlighted several new worldwide entertainment commitments to make digital programming available through Intel Viiv technology and PCs, including:

  • AOL – AOL Music On Demand, AOL Radio featuring XM Satellite Radio and AOL Pictures this month; AOL Music Now and AOL Video AOL Video featuring the "AOL Hi–Q" high–quality video format coming later this year.
  • ClickStar – The entertainment company will introduce its first film, "10 Items or Less," via the Internet just weeks after its theatrical release.
  • DIRECTV – The leading digital TV service provider will make its programming seamlessly available on PCs, laptops and media players through its verified set–top.
  • ESPN – ESPN.com Motion* will feature sports highlights in high definition plus Full Court with 300 collegiate basketball games in full–screen broadcast quality.
  • Eros – The largest international distributor in the Indian film industry ("Bollywood") plans to make its digital content portal and future digital video services available on–demand.
  • Grupo Televisa – The largest media company in the Spanish–speaking world will provide a wide choice of popular soap operas, sporting events, news and music.
  • MTV Networks – MTV said it will optimize a number of its channels for Intel Viiv technology ranging from Comedy Central's "MotherLoad" to MTV's "Overdrive."
  • NBC Universal – NBC Universal will deliver select highlights in high resolution of all 17 days of the 2006 Winter Olympics to Intel Viiv technology–based PCs, with other joint efforts later.
  • Shanghai Media Group – China's top media group will deliver its digital movies, TV dramas, exclusive interactive programming and other live content.
  • Turner Broadcasting's GameTap – A first–of–its–kind broadband entertainment network, GameTap will bring hundreds of diverse videos and games to the "10–foot" TV screen.

Source: Intel

Intel Unveils New Brand Identity

Well, this may be published here a bit later than on other websites, but it's rather important, so it must be mentioned anyway. Intel formally unveiled a new brand identity that represents a significant milestone in its history. The key innovations include the microprocessor, chipset and software that together enhance system performance and improve the overall user experience, the press release underlines.

The company reorganized itself around the platform model last year, and is now focused on four key market segment opportunities: mobile, digital home, enterprise and health. The company has also announced that it will deliver a new platform for the digital home – Intel Viiv technology – in early 2006. The new branding system includes new logos for Intel Viiv technology and Intel Centrino mobile technology, and re-designed logos for individual processors, chipsets, motherboards and other Intel technologies. Each product logo also incorporates the new Intel logo.

The new brand identity involves changes to the Intel Inside logo that was created in 1991, and the original Intel "dropped-e" logo, which was created by Silicon Valley pioneers Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore 37 years ago as they were forming their new "integrated electronics" company. Intel's new logo combines the essence of both of these powerful symbols and includes a new tagline: "Intel. Leap ahead." According to the press release, this tagline is Intel's unique brand promise and is designed to communicate what drives Intel as a company, and what Intel makes possible.

You can see more re-branded logos here

Source: Intel

Hitachi Shows Streaming Video On First CE-ATA Hard Drive

At StorageVisions 2006, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies today demonstrated the first working CE-ATA hard drive running on an Intel platform. The live demo showed streaming video from a Hitachi Microdrive 3K8 1" hard drive over the CE-ATA interface, connected to an Intel XScale application processor. Hitachi's CE-ATA demo could be viewed at the Las Vegas Convention Center on January 7.

The demo validates integrity of the interface specifications and signals the imminent commercialization of Hitachi’s CE-ATA-based Microdrive. Hitachi plans to ship the Microdrive 3K8 with CE-ATA support this quarter.

CE-ATA was developed to facilitate the communication between small-form-factor hard drives and consumer electronic devices that increasingly require low-cost, high-capacity storage. The CE-ATA Consortium intends to accelerate the adoption of hard drives into portable CE devices by addressing CE-specific requirements such as low pin-count, low voltage, power efficiency, cost effectiveness and integration efficiency. According to the press release, the Hitachi Microdrive 3K8 is the first hard drive to realize this goal.

Source: Hitachi Global Storage Technologies

Gigabyte Announces First Intel Viiv Enabled Motherboard

Gigabyte Technology announced its premiere motherboard - GA-8I945GMH with Intel Viiv technology support for digital media and entertainment platforms designed from the ground up for the digital home. Intel Viiv Technology allows users to record, store and play a variety of media types including movies, music, television, gaming and photo editing.

Developed for low-profile entertainment devices that merge with the living room environment, the new GA-8I945GMH relies on the Intel 945G Express chipset, Intel GMA 950 graphics engine with integrated hardware MPEG2 decoding. Additionally, the board's Intel ICH7 South Bridge offers 8-channel surround audio.

The GA-8I945GMH is optimized for Intel Pentium D Dual Core processors and supports the latest Serial ATA II 3Gbps interface. The connectivity is provided by Intel PRO/1000 PL Gigabit Ethernet and the board also includes onboard Firewire and USB2.0 ports for digital audio and video device connectivity.

The motherboard comes with Norton Internet Security. Additionally, GIGABYTE Shieldware compliments the hardware package with eight software features, including Download Center, C.I.A.2, M.I.B.2, S.O.S., M.I.T., and Xpress3 for safe recovery and backup of content.

GA-8I945GMH-RH Main Specifications:

  • Supports Intel Viiv Technology
  • Supports Intel Pentium D processor
  • Intel 945G Express Chipset / ICH7-DH chipset
  • Micro-ATX form factor
  • 1 x PCI-ExpressX16 slot
  • 1 x PCI-ExpressX1 slot, 2* PCI slot
  • 4 x Dual channel DDRII 667, support up to 4GB memory.
  • Intel Pro 1000 Gigabit LAN
  • 4 x Serial ATA 3.0 Gb/s (ICH7-DH Southbridge)
  • 1 x Parallel ATA (ICH7-DH)
  • 3 x IEEE1394a ports (Texas Instrument solution)
  • 8 x USB 2.0/1.1 ports
  • Intel High Definition Audio with 8 channel audio

The GIGABYTE GA-8I945GMH is expected to be available at the end of December through normal GIGABYTE distribution channels.

Source: Gigabyte Technology

GECUBE Showcases 5 Innovative Products at CES 2006

GECUBE announced five new exhibitions at this year's CES in Las Vegas: Portable Media Player (PMP), DVRBox (HDD Based Digital Video Recorder), Digital Photo Frame, and a couple of graphics cards (GECUBE RADEON ®X1800XT (GC-X1800XTD-VIE3) and GECUBE RADEON®X1600 (GC-RX1600XTG3-D3)).

The PMP is a red, tiny, hip portable device small and convenient enough to keep up with users' modern digital lifestyles. Its features include a 3.6" LCD screen and 20GB HDD. The PMP can be used as a video and audio player, digital photo album with slideshow (said to be capable of viewing 12M images), or a portable HDD.

The next product is DVRBox, an HDD-Based Digital Video Recorder. It records and converts DV, DVD & TV to MPEG-4 video format. Copying videos from camcorder is also accomplished with the minimum of hassles. After connecting a camcorder to the DVRBox’s Video-in terminal, the DVRBox converts video to MPEG-4 with one simple click of a button. Another feature is Photo Storage & Viewer - the DVRBOX is equipped with a 3-in-1 (SD/MMC/MS) memory card slot for transferring photos to the built-in hard disk drive. And yet another capability is the DivX & MP3 Player - simply download DivX and MP3s from a PC to the player’s internal HDD by USB, and then enjoy content indoors or outdoors.

The third product is the Digital Photo Frame: A large portable media player with a 7” ratio widescreen (16:9) LCD screen. Its features:

  • 2.5 HDD with a capacity up to 120 GB
  • Digital photo frame with a 7-in-1 memory cad recorder
  • Plays back photos from flash memory cards instantly
  • Accepts CF, SD, MMC, MS, and xD memory cards
  • Photo slideshow with MP3 background music
  • High-fidelity audio brings you the most true–to–life quality sound available anywhere
  • DivX movie player to play back the most advanced compress format on the market today

The last, but surely not the least are 2 high–end graphics cards, GECUBE RADEON X1800XT (GC-X1800XTD-VIE3) and GECUBE RADEON X1600 (GC-RX1600XTG3-D3), that are supported by 512MB and 256MB of GDDR3 memory, respectively.

Source: GECUBE

Fujitsu Siemens Computers Announces Napa-Equipped LIFEBOOK E8110

Fujitsu and Fujitsu Siemens Computers unveiled the new LIFEBOOK E8110 featuring Intel Napa technology at CES 2006 in Las Vegas. With a 15" monitor packed into just 2.4 kilos, the new LIFEBOOK E8110 is claimed to be the lightest, full-function notebook in its class. It also provides enhanced security features such as a separate SmartCard slot and optional fingerprint sensor. It will be available from February 2006 at prices starting ˆ2099 (e.g. in Germany, incl. VAT).

Fujitsu Siemens Computers delivers enhanced performance thanks to Intel's Napa technology boasting the Intel Core Duo processor, the first dual-core processor for notebooks.

Security functions have also been improved in the LIFEBOOK E8110. The separate SmartCard slot saves an additional adapter and optional biometric fingerprint sensor prevent unauthorized access to data. The optional Trusted Platform Module acts as a hardware store for passwords and encrypted keys.

Also, for its new device generation, Fujitsu Siemens Computers uses the latest 5200 mAh battery. The new LIFEBOOK E8110 will run off its batteries for up to 12 hours (depending on model and applications), the press release states.

Fujitsu Siemens Computers has additionally developed its original "EcoButton". This integrated software solution improves power management and can simply be switched on during use. With just a single button the battery life can be optimized to the maximum. The EcoButton will be integrated in all future-generation LIFEBOOK Series.

Fujitsu Siemens Computers has also opted for a new, more ergonomic design for its LIFEBOOK E8110. The bright palm rest now has a second set of mouse buttons above the touchpad. This enables the left and right mouse buttons to be conveniently operated with the touchstick as well.

Technical highlights:

  • Latest Intel Centrino Duo mobile technology:
    • Intel Core Duo processor: the first dual-core mobile processor
    • Intel 945GM chipset with integrated graphics chipset
    • Wireless LAN: Intel PRO/Wireless 3945 a/b/g
  • Memory: DDR2-667 SDRAM max. 4GB
  • Separate SmartCard slot, optional fingerprint sensor and TPM module
  • Screen: 15-inch XGA or 15-inch SXGA+
  • Weight: 2.4 kilograms (without drives)
  • All common ports like parallel and serial, plus all new port types such as ExpressCard slot and SD card slot
  • ECO button
  • Second set of mouse buttons above touchpad

Source: Fujitsu Siemens Computers

Albatron Unveils KM51PV-754/KM51G-754 Mainboards On GeForce 6150/6100 Chipsets

Albatron unveiled two new mainboards: the KM51PV-754 and KM51G-754. Both support AMD's K8 754 CPU and come equipped with NVIDIA GeForce 6150/430 (KM51PV-754) and GeForce 6100/410 (KM51G-754) IGPs.

The chipsets used in these mainboards integrate the equivalent of NVIDIA's TC6200 GPU which can access up to 128 MB of system memory. These chipsets also provide full support for DX 9.0c and the latest Shader Model 3.0 standards.




  • AMD Athlon 64 / Sempron Processors
  • Socket 754 with Hyper Transport 800+ MHz
  • 2 x DDR333/400 Memory Sockets
  • Integrated NVIIDA GeForce 6150 Graphics Engine
  • Provides DVI / D-SUB / HDTV-out (by optional cable) interface.
  • Realtek AC97 6-channel audio
  • Broadcom 10/100 Mbps LAN PHY& NVIDIA Active Armor
  • 1 x PCI Express x16, 1 x PCI Express x1
  • 4 x SATA II Channels, SATA RAID 0, 1, 5 & 0+1
  • 2 x ATA133 Channels
  • Dual BIOS (Second BIOS by Optional ABS Card)
  • 8 x USB 2.0/1.1 Ports (2 ports by optional cable)


  • AMD Athlon 64 / Sempron Processors
  • Socket 754 with Hyper Transport 800+ MHz
  • 2 x DDR333/400 Memory Sockets
  • Integrated NVIIDA GeForce 6100 Graphics Engine.
  • Realtek AC97 6-channel audio
  • Realtek 10/100 Mbps LAN PHY
  • 1 x PCI Express x16, 1 x PCI Express x1
  • 2 x SATAII 3Gb/s Channels, SATA RAID 0, 1
  • 2 x ATA133 Channels, up to 4 x ATA133 IDE Devices
  • 8 x USB 2.0/1.1 Ports (4 ports by optional cable)

The KM51PV-754 features NVIDIA's Pure Video which is a versatile video encoder/decoder. It is also fully ready for the future of broadcasted digital television and supports the newest trends in HDTV. The integrated MPEG-2 and WMV9 decoders are, of course, non-CPU-invasive and can rapidly decode graphics information to support high-resolution 1080i (1920x1080) video. The KM51PV-754 has Y/Pb/Pr (Component Video) and DVI connectors.

The press release promises that KM51PV-754 and KM51G-754 will become two of the most complete all-in-one mainboards available for the consumer market, especially the DIY sector.

Source: Albatron

Linksys Addresses Hot Networking Trends

At the 2006 International Consumer Electronics Show, Linksys, a Division of Cisco Systems, debuted three products that address some of the hottest trends in networking: streaming audio, network storage and security.

The streaming audio trend is addressed by the Wireless-G Music Bridge (WMB54G) wirelessly transfers PC audio output to a stereo or other speaker system located anywhere within the home. The product works as a virtual sound card that connects to a stereo or speaker system via traditional audio cables or optical digital connectors.

The networked storage trend is addressed by the Wireless-G Media Storage Link Router with Speed Booster (WRTSL54GS) that enables users to connect USB disk drives directly to their network. SecureEasySetup functionality on the novelty makes creating a secure home network with networked attached storage push-button simple, and a built-in media server streams music, video, and photos located on a USB-attached storage device to any Universal Plug and Play-(UPnP) compatible media adapter. Storage devices attached to the WRTSL54GS can also be setup to be available publicly for download via a web browser or via password-protected accounts for authorized users.



Finally, the security trend is addressed by the Compact Wireless-G Internet Video Camera (WVC54GC) that wirelessly connects to a home or small office network and distributes a live video stream through the Internet to a web browser accessible on virtually any Windows-based PC. Its original form factor and wireless connectivity provide the flexibility to mount the WVC54GC on even the most remote wall or simply slip it into the included desktop stand for more local monitoring. An easy-to-remember name can be assigned to the WVC54GC through the SoloLink domain service from Linksys to ease the process of accessing recorded content. When its security mode is activated, the WVC54GC will send email alerts with video clips to up to three email addresses upon detecting motion within its field of view.

Both the WRTSL54GS and WVC54GC are available now through Linksys e-commerce, retail, direct response, and VAR partners at estimated street prices of $129.99. The WMB54G is available from e-commerce and direct response at an ESP of $99.99.

Source: Linksys

ATI Shows High-Definition Digital Cable PC Receiver

ATI Technologies announced a preview of its HD digital cable PC receiver. Available later this year, the ATI OCUR (open cable uni-directional receiver) product will allow Media Center PCs, that run on the forthcoming Microsoft Windows Vista operating system, to receive High Definition premium digital cable TV content on the PC. The new device will also offer traditional analog TV and free-to-air HD broadcast reception to the PC and will support Avivo.

ATI demonstrated this new technology at the 2006 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, January 5 to 8, 2006.

Source: ATI Technologies

ASUS Lamborghini, An Answer To Acer Ferrari

ASUS and Automobili Lamborghini announced a comprehensive partnership. The result is a new Lamborghini Notebook Series that inherits the striking traits of a true Lamborghini, the press release states.

The new notebook series is available in yellow and black, has special mirror painting finish.

"The all-new notebooks provide a breath of fresh air to the boring looks of existing portable PCs," said Tony Chen, Director of ASUS Notebook Business.

Belkin Introduces CableFree USB Hub

Belkin announced its new CableFree USB Hub that does not require a cable to connect to the computer. This is claimed to be the first UWB-enabled product to be introduced in the U.S. market. The CableFree USB Hub’s wireless functionality is enabled by Freescale Semiconductor’s Ultra-Wideband technology.

The novelty will retail in early spring 2006.

Source: Belkin

Seagate Introduces 160GB Portable HDD With Perpendicular Recording And 500GB eSATA Pushbutton Back-up Drive

At the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show, Seagate Technology introduced its innovative consumer products: the 160GB Seagate Portable Hard Drive and the Seagate Pushbutton Backup Hard Drive with 3Gb/s SATA transfer rate.

The Seagate 160GB Portable Hard Drive is said to be the industry's first portable drive built with perpendicular recording. It features a shock-mounted design and aluminum alloy enclosure to protect from drops and falls. The Portable External Hard Drive also includes the Bounce Back Express software used in Seagate's desktop drives.

The Seagate 160GB Portable Hard Drive will be available in February, 2006 and will retail for $379. The Seagate 500GB eSATA PushButton Hard Drive will be available in April, 2006.

Source: Seagate Technology

Pioneer Introduces One Of World's First Blu-ray Disc Players

Pioneer Electronics introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas one of the world’s first Blu-ray Disc players. Blu-ray Discs can store up to 50GB per disc (dual-layer) and is primarily meant for high-definition movies and music.

Pioneer’s new BDP-HD1 Blu-ray Disc player is designed to deliver 1920 x 1080p output, the highest of the three high definition signals and offers backward compatibility for standard DVDs.

Besides, the unit provides a single high-definition HDMI connection for users to view and hear all content transferred through the home network in HD. For those operating a networked home, the BDP-HD1 was designed with Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) guidelines. When utilizing the IP networking capability, users will be able to access protected content currently stored on a DLNA compliant server or Windows XP PC using Windows Media Connect. In addition to favorite photos, music and movies, users can download new content straight to their computer for immediate viewing on a television through the player. The unit’s "playsforsure" compliance provides compatibility with all existing Microsoft software.

The BDP-HD1 reproduces new high-resolution audio formats: DTS-HD and Dolby Digital. Those with a large library of digital music files will be glad to know that the BDP-HD1 can playback compressed music files WMA (DRM compatible) and MP3, as well as LPCM.

Playback Compatibility:

  • Blu-ray Disc: BD-RE, BD-R, BD-ROM
  • DVD and other Video: DVD-R, DVD-RW, +R, +RW, WMV,
  • Audio: DTS-HD, Dolby Digital, WMA, MP3, LPCM
  • Photos: JPEG

The BDP-HD1 will begin shipping to retailers across the country in June under the Pioneer Elite brand. It will have a suggested price of $1800.

Source: Pioneer Electronics; photo taken from PC Watch

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