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SMART Modular Introduces 2GB PC3200 RDIMMs

No AMD K8L Processors Until 2008

Portable Finger-Size Mouse From LG

Seagate Introduces New Network Storage Solution

Sprint And SANYO Introduce Katana

ASUS Announces Motherboard For 'Republic Of Gamers' Series

OCZ Announces New Tempest CPU Cooler

SMART Modular Introduces 2GB PC3200 RDIMMs

SMART Modular Technologies today announced the launch of its performance-boosting 2GB PC3200 (512Mx72) registered DIMMs specifically optimized for AMD Opteron CPU-based high-performance computing applications.

SMART's RDIMMs are specifically calibrated to allow 16GB per CPU running at 400MHz, which allows systems to sustain maximum performance in eight-socket configurations and is a key metric for PC3200 HPC applications. According to SMART Modular, it has improved signal integrity in the new RDIMMs by selecting, testing, and matching specific registers, PLLs, and DRAMs. In addition, by taking advantage of clock skewing, fine-tuning the serial presence detect values, and performing extensive system testing, SMART has enabled its RDIMM to achieve up to an 18% performance increase over other PC2700 2GB DIMMs used in Appro’s XtremeServer.

The double-sided 184-pin RDIMMs are equipped with error correction code and comply with the JEDEC and RoHS standards. Due to its high-speed and high-signal integrity, the new SMART RDIMMs allow 16GB per CPU running at 400MHz, which is a key metric for PC3200 HPC applications.

The new modules are available now with expedited delivery from SMART's strategically located manufacturing and distribution facilities around the globe (part number: SG25672RDTRIPLE8).

Source: SMART Modular Technologies

No AMD K8L Processors Until 2008

AMD has recently indicated that its new K8L processor for its next-generation Socket AM3 platform will not be available until 2008, according to sources at Taiwan-based motherboard makers.

AMD's K8L series is expected to be compatible with Socket AM2-based motherboards by adding both DDR2 and DDR3 memory controllers, according to the sources.

According to AMD's latest roadmap, AMD will start manufacturing its Socket AM2 dual-core processors using a 65nm process in the first quarter of 2007, beginning with the Athlon 64 X2 lineup, including the 3800+, 4200+ and 4600+, the sources said.

In addition to the Athlon 64 X2, the production of AMD dual-core Athlon 64FX and single-core Sempron CPUs will also migrate to the 65nm node in 2007, the sources stated, noting that the 65nm Sempron will be upgraded to support DDR2 800 instead of DDR2 667. Prior to the launch of the Socket-AM2 CPUs, AMD intends to begin terminating orders for its non-Socket-AM2 processors—Socket-939 dual-core Athlon FX/X2 (codenamed Toledo), Socket-939 single-core Athlon 64 in the 1MB L2 version (codenamed San Diego), Socket-939 single-core Athlon 64 in the 512KB L2 version and the entry-level Socket-754 Sempron (codenamed Palermo)—by the end of 2006.

AMD's entry-level processors will all feature dual-core architecture by the third quarter of 2007, when its last single-core CPU—the Athlon 64—will start to be phased out in the market.

While AMD is expected to not make any changes to the micro-architecture of its CPUs in the next 18 months or even longer, Intel is ready to bring up a strong campaign based on its new Core Micro architecture, noted the sources. In order to compete with Intel, AMD cannot do anything but cut prices for its current lineup of CPUs, a move that will eventually undermine its profitability, the sources indicated.

Source: DigiTimes

Portable Finger-Size Mouse From LG

LG is introducing its new portable finger mouse 'FINGER'.

To reduce the size, designers had to remove one button and to make the remaining "dual-action" - the front part of it works as a left button of a regular mouse while the rear part works as a right button. A wheel at the right side is used as a wheel - to scroll.

It's hard to say, if the device is really ergonomic, since hands differ. No information was disclosed about the price and shipping dates.

Source: Aving

Seagate Introduces New Network Storage Solution

Seagate Technology introduced a new network storage solution that lets users access, share and protect all their digital content from a centralized location on a small office or home network. The Maxtor Shared Storage II product family from Seagate automatically backs up data stored on multiple networked computers every day without the hassle of swapping out tapes, CDs or DVDs. It provides nearly effortless data management and security for up to 20 PC or Mac users, which allows small business owners or "family technology officers" to free themselves of the mundane, yet critical task of ensuring that every computer's precious data is backed up.

The 1TB Maxtor Shared Storage II solution from Seagate is designed for easy setup with quick network installation, and there's no need for an IT staff or any special technical knowledge. An EasyManage CD automatically gives users a desktop icon for easy access to a shared public folder and a set of personal password-protected private network folders. A new high-speed Gigabit Ethernet connection ensures fast data transfers and file sharing between computers on wired and wireless networks. A SimpleView feature acts like a built-in IT administrator, providing detailed backup and storage status at a glance of all users on the network.

For added protection, users can automatically copy content stored on the Maxtor Shared Storage II solution by scheduling an additional backup to a connected Maxtor OneTouch or Seagate Pushbutton USB external storage system for off-site data rotation. The new Maxtor Shared Storage II solution from Seagate comes in a dual-drive configuration with storage capacities of one terabyte. It can be set up for RAID 1 (disk mirroring), which makes an exact copy of the files on one drive to the other, so if one drive fails for any reason there's a duplicate version on the other drive as a backup. The Maxtor Shared Storage II solution includes two USB ports to connect and share two USB printers or two additional external storage solutions, or one of each. Organizing digital files can be done with the Drag and Sort feature, which automatically identifies and sorts more than 100 different file types and puts them in specific music, photo, movie, Web, software or documents folders. Users simply drag and drop files into their desktop icon and they're automatically sorted.

When connected to a home network, the Maxtor Shared Storage II solution can stream media content on compatible UPnP AV digital media adapters for viewing or playing music, movies or photos on entertainment devices throughout the network.Designed to DLNA guidelines (www.dlna.org), the Maxtor Shared Storage II solution is compatible with a broad array of digital entertainment devices and they require no active PC or Mac on the network to share and stream digital files.

Seagate's Maxtor Shared Storage II solution is shipping in July to major retailers, distributors and online stores. The manufacturer's suggested retail price for the new terabyte, dual-drive solution is $899.95.

Source: Seagate Technology

Sprint And SANYO Introduce Katana

The legendary Katana, best known as a precision instrument sword used by the Samurai, has a new identity, that of a new wireless phone by Sprint and SANYO. This ultra-thin, affordable phone features Bluetooth and a built-in camera and is designed to appeal to the fashion-centric consumer who likes to make a statement with the wireless phone he or she carries. Making its debut throughout the month of July in four colors, including 'Mystic Black', 'Blue Sapphire', 'Cherry Blossom Pink', and 'Polar White', which is a color that will be sold exclusively at RadioShack, the Katana will be available at Sprint Stores, online and at select third-party retailers for $279.99 or $79.99 after rebates with a two-year subscriber agreement.


  • Ultra-thin clamshell design and internal antenna.
  • Bluetooth
  • Large, High-Resolution Main Display – See more detail and more text in high resolution.
  • Built-in VGA camera
  • Built-in speakerphone
  • Supports Sprint PCS Vision, Sprint PCS Picture Mail, Text Messaging, Wireless Backup

Source: SANYO

ASUS Announces Motherboard For 'Republic Of Gamers' Series

ASUSTeK Computer Inc. debuted an all-new product series, Republic of Gamers (R.O.G). As the name suggests, all R.O.G products are made to provide the best performing solutions for serious gamers and overclockers. The inaugural solution of R.O.G is the Crosshair motherboard, which implements convenient features for system tweaking to provide players and overclockers with a solution to build their power gaming systems.

The motherboard has the LCD Poster feature that, located at the back I/O, displays the names of each boot-process instead of using codes. When system hangs due to faulty connection or configuration, the LCD Poster will freeze on the displayed process name that caused the hang up, allowing users to know exactly what needs to be fixed.

Other features tailored for building a PC are EL I/O, onboard LED, onboard switches, Q-Fan Plus and Q-Connector.

The board is based on 8-Phase EL Cap-less Power design which removes the bulky cylinder-type capacitors and replaces them with chip-style polymer aluminum electrolyte capacitors, which are used in server level systems, for better spacing and thermal environment. The so called 8-phase design generates less heat than conventional power solutions and providing a cool computing environment for stable performance and higher overclocking margin. It reduces input ripple current and output ripple voltage, preventing the CPU and power modules from the risk of high power stress.

The Crosshair also comes with the EL I/O, a feature that simplifies connecting devices by lighting up the back I/O panel for convenient connection in dark environments such as LAN Parties.

Speaking of audio, there's SupremeFX integrated onboard with 24bit/192kHz full sampling in all surround channels. It's also supplemented with the bundled array microphone.

Other specifications include:

  • AMD Socket AM2 processors
  • NVIDIA nForce 590 SLI MCP chipset
  • DDR2-800/667/533, dual-channel
  • 2 x PCIe x16, SLI
  • 8 x SATA 3Gbps
  • 1 x UDMA
  • 2 x Gigabit LAN
  • SupremeFX audio on ADI 1988b High-Definition Audio codec with a dedicated interface panel

Source: ASUSTeK Computer Inc., Nordichardware

OCZ Announces New Tempest CPU Cooler

OCZ Technology Group announced the release of the OCZ Tempest, the pinnacle of its air and heat pipe CPU cooling technology intended for gamers and enthusiasts.

The Tempest features a pure copper base plate and quad copper heat pipe design to rapidly and efficiently dissipate heat. Heat is transferred into a dense titanium plated fin array where a 92mm fan removes the thermal load quietly and effectively.

The Tempest offers rival cooling abilities with the additional advantage of a compact footprint design. Its heatsink layout is small enough to be used with the vast majority of motherboards and cases. Additionally, the Tempest gives enthusiasts and case modders the freedom to customize their cooler by providing two sets of mounting holes to accommodate a wide range of replacement fans.


  • For Sockets AMD 939/940/AM2, Intel 775/478
  • Pure copper base plate and heat pipes
  • Pure aluminum fins
  • Weight (w/out fan): 580g
  • Includes: 92mm Fan, mounting Hardware for all above CPUs, thermal compound
  • Fan specs: low-noise, 2500RPM +/-10%, 44.0 CFM, 2-ball bearing, 3-pin connector, blue LEDs
  • Dimensions: 95.25 x 87.62 x 51.24 mm
  • Part Number: OCZTTEMP

Source: OCZ Technology Group

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