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New IBM PowerPRS 64Gu chipset

1 Gbit 0.13-micron NAND flash memories from Toshiba

DRU500A and DRX500UL: new universal DVD recorders from Sony

Dual-processor Intel Xeon Socket 604 PDPEA boards on Intel Placer chipset

HP makes a nanoelectronic memory chip

Zalman presents new graphics card heat-sinks

New VIA chips supporting Windows Media Audio 9

Sinar?s new CCD: 22 million pixels with a strive for more

New MP3 players from iRiver

New products from Memorex

New IBM PowerPRS 64Gu chipset

Today IBM presented the new PowerPRS 64Gu chipset for network devices and routers. The company claims that PowerPRS 64Gu, made using copper conductor technology, combines high performance, compactness and low power consumption.

PowerPRS 64Gu, together with the new PowerPRS C48 or PowerPRS C192 interface module is designed for enterprise networks, WANs, SANs, Web content routers, and mobile base stations.

PowerPRS 64Gu supports up to 32 OC48c and 1 Gbps Ethernet ports and up to eight 10 Gbps Ethernet and OC192c ports, including their combinations. Besides, there´s a 2.5 Gbps SerDes (serializer / deserializer) port.

There are two reference designs: 16-layer PowerPRS 64Gu router (286x151 mm dimensions), supporting up to 32 OC-48c ports, and layer-2, supporting 128 Gigabit Ethernet ports.

PowerPRS 64Gu will be shipped in October. PowerPRS 64G, supporting up to 512 Gbps Ethernet, is also available.

1 Gbit 0.13-micron NAND flash memories from Toshiba

Today Toshiba Corporation announced the release of new 1 Gbit NAND flash chips, developed together with SanDisk.

New chips are made using 0.13-micron technology. They will be available in two variants: TSOP (Thin Small Outline Package) TC58NVG0S3AFT and LGA (Land Grid Array) TC58NVG0S3AXL).

Both have 128x8 bit organization, require 2.7-3.6 V, feature 2112 byte page memory and 128 + 4 block size. Besides, their write time makes 200 ms, erase time — about 2 ms per block. Data access time makes less than 25 microseconds at the first time and 50 ns at sequential access. At that data throughput makes 10 MB/sec.

TC58NVG0S3AFT samples are already available for $66 per unit, TC58NVG0S3AXL samples will appear in October. Volume production is scheduled to the end of 2002. Production volumes will make up to 300 thousand per month. 2 Gbit NAND flash memory samples, featuring two 1 Gbit chips, will also appear in October, and their up to 30 thousand per month volume production will be launched at the year-end.

DRU500A and DRX500UL: new universal DVD recorders from Sony

Sony SES Storage Marketing officially announced universal multiformat DVD RW drives, supporting DVD+RW, DVD-RW, DVD+R and DVD-R: DRU500A and DRX500UL.

Both novelties supprot 4x DVD-R recording, 2.4x DVD+R/+RW recording, 2x DVD-RW recording and 8x DVD-ROM reading. They can also work as 24/10/32x CD-RWs.

DRU500A is internal IDE/ATAPI drive and DRX500UL is external i.LINK (Firewire/IEEE1394) and USB2.0 device. Both of them will be supplied with a lareg software kit: Veritas RecordNow DX, Veritas Drive Letter Access (DLA), Veritas SimpleBackup, Sonic Solutions MyDVD, Arcsoft Showbiz 1.2, CyberLink PowerDVD, MusicMatch Jukebox.

Dual-processor Intel Xeon Socket 604 PDPEA boards on Intel Placer chipset

RioWorks posted specifications of the new dual-processor Socket 604 PDPEA board, supporting new Intel Xeon chips. According to them, the board bases on the new Intel Placer, officially known as Intel E7507, expected in the market in Q4 2002.

PDPEA brief specifications:

  • design
  • Dual-Xeon, 533 MHz FSB
  • Intel E7507 Northbridge (Placer MCH), ICH4 Southbridge; P64H2 PCI-X bridge
  • 3 PCI-X slots, 2 32-bit/33 MHz PCI 2.2 slots
  • AGP 8 slot
  • Dual-channel (144-bit) DDR interface
  • 4 DIMM sockets, up to 8GB of registered or unbuffered DDR200/266 SDRAM
  • Integrated IDE RAID (Promise PDC20271), RAID Level 0, 1, 10
  • Integrated LAN (Broadcom 5702)
  • Integrated VRM 9.1 support
  • BIOS: Phoenix
  • I2O, MBIOS 2.3, DMI 2.0 support
  • Rioworks SmartWatch

HP makes a nanoelectronic memory chip

Today, at 175 Anniversary conference of the Royal Institute of Technology of Sweden, Stanley Williams, Hewlett-Packard Quantum Science Research Labs director, reported that HP made a significant breakthrough in molecular electronics.

He said that they achieved the maximum density for this time and can even show a 64-bit nonvolatile memory with molecules as memory cells. This chip goes in one micron space. Besides, he said that HP succeeded in combining storage and control elements in a single molecular device. Besides, HP claims it has a nanolithography production technology, enabling to copy chipsets like pages from artwork.

On the making of a chip: first, they made a press form of eight 40-nm parallel lines, then they pressed it to the polymer layers on the semiconductor plate to create space for platinum conductors. The blank was covered with a monomolecular layer, changing by external electric field application. Then they applied conductors, perpendicular to existing.

Each of 64 intersections had about 1000 molecules, making a storage cell. "1" is written by a current impulse, changing cell resistance. Reading is performed by measuring resistance at voltage, lower than "1" writing level.

Logical controls were implemented later, consisting of molecular keys in conductor intersections, being demultiplexers.

HP Labs workgroup received four patents for this chip and now prepares publications for scientific magazines.

Zalman presents new graphics card heat-sinks

Korean Zalman, known by its heat-removing systems, presented two new products for Quiet Cooling Solution graphics cards.

ZM80-HP are designed for GeForce4 Ti class GPUs.

ZM50-HP is suitable for less heated solution: GeForce2, GeForce4 MX or Radeon 7500.

Perhaps, these heat-sinks will be suitable for other graphics cards as well, but I guess we´ll have to experiment with them ourselves.

Source: NV-Chips

New VIA chips supporting Windows Media Audio 9

Late last week VIA announced two new audio chips: VIA Envy24 and VIA Envy24HT, supporting Windows Media Audio 9, used in Microsoft Windows Media Player 9.

VIA Envy24 and Envy24HT fully support new WMA Professional format, 24-bit, up to 192 kHz sampling frequency, features up to 12 outputs, and is capable of working in 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1 sound systems.

Sinar?s new CCD: 22 million pixels with a strive for more

Sinar announced the release of KAF-22000CE CCD, featuring 22 million elements.

Providing 40805440 resolution (4:3), the sensor has 38.8x50 mm dimensions (9-micron element linear size). Pity, but the official press release doesn´t mention sensor photosensitivity.

KAF-22000CE will be shown at Photokina in October.

New MP3 players from iRiver

iRiveris to release two new MP3 players:

iRiver iFP-180T is a new compact MP3 player, supporting WMA. Its dimensions are 31x28.5x82 mm, weight — 32g, 128MB built-in RAM. The device features USB 1.1, battery operation time is about 20 hours. There will also be a version with a built-in FM-tuner. This version will support real time radio recording.

iRiver iMP-400 is an MP3 diskman, released in claret and silver cases.

iMP-400 features iRiverShockFree technology, 4-string LCD display, built-in FM tuner and an 9-mode equalizer (Normal, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Dance, Classic, Metal, U-bass presets and user settings).

iRiver iMP-400 supports MP3, WMA, ASF, CD-Audio; MP3 Pro and AAC support appears after firmware upgrade. iMP-400 is supplied with earphones and a remote control. Player dimensions are similar to Slim-X — 130.5x140x16.7 mm, weight — 193 g (w/o batteries).

New products from Memorex

Memorex announced the release of an internal 48/12/48x FourtyeightMAXX CD-RW.

Like all previous models, it supports Mount Rainier, RAW recording and JUST BURN buffer protection. Average read access time makes 80 ms, buffer capacity is 2MB. FourtyeightMAXX is supplied with drivers for Win 98/ME/2000, Win NT Win XP and Roxio Easy CD Creator 5.1 Basic and Direct CD software.

Besides, the company announced the sales of new 48x CD-R discs. They have 700MB capacity and will appear in retail in Premium Edition and Professional Edition, 10 per Slim Jewel Case. Besides, new blanks will be shipped in 25, 50 or 100 unit consignments.

Memorex also plans to release 52x CD-R in Q1 2003.

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