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Taiwan: 15-inch TFT LCD for $240

IDF: Seagate, Intel and Silicon Image showcase Serial ATA II

IDF Fall 2002: Banias will have a performance rating

IDF Fall 2002: Intel supports 1066 MHz RDRAM

Marvell 88SX5080: 8-port Serial ATA controller

Maxtor MaXLine: new, up to 320GB ATA hard disks

Photo of the day: ATI FireGL on Radeon 9700 Pro

New Atlas 15K hard disks from Maxtor

Kodak recalls DC5000 Zoom digital cameras

OCZ Technology and its EL-DDR SDRAM: overclockers welcome

Taiwan: 15-inch TFT LCD for $240

Today brought the lowest prices for 15-inch TFT LCD monitors, produced for OEM contracts — $240. At that, have in mind that 15-inch TFT LCD panel itself costs about $210 (though some makers offer various discounts).

Despite the expected TFT LCD price and market growth in the fourth quarter, some European distributors negotiate about $220 prices by X-mas.

IDF: Seagate, Intel and Silicon Image showcase Serial ATA II

Yesterday Seagate posted an interesting press release, reporting about the demonstration of new Serial ATA II capabilities at Intel Developer Forum. Today even Serial ATA 1.0 are not well-presented in the market, but Seagate, Intel and Silicon Image are already preparing Serial ATA II.

The main difference of new specification is Native Command Queuing to significantly extend device and basic storage functionality. Using Native Command Queuing, controller will analyze processor requests and queues them to maximize transfer rate and minimize access time. Besides, Serial ATA II controllers will be able to organize request queues and perform them without any processor interference.

For the demo, companies used Silicon Image SATALink SiI 3112A PCI-Serial ATA host controller and Seagate hard disk prototype; the whole system worked under Intel software.

It´s interesting that the press release dates the Seagate Serial ATA hard disk release to the next quarter. So, let´s be patient and wait.

IDF Fall 2002: Banias will have a performance rating

At Intel Developer Forum (IDF) Intel representatives reported the details about the new mobile PC platofrm, codenamed Banias, basing on the fundamentally new architecture.

The future platform features long battery life, new design, and the simplicity of wireless device configuring and using.

The information includes technical details of Banias microarchitecture, built-in 802.11a/b for dual-range WLAN connectivity, and a number of software solutions to provide higher security and simplify wireless network connections.

Banias architecture combines four technologies, aimed at higher performance at lower power consumption: Advanced Branch Prediction, Micro-Op Fusion, Power Optimized Processor Bus and Dedicated Stack Manager.

Advanced Branch Prediction provides performance boosts analysing previous program behavior and predicting operations to come from it in the future. When the system is ready to perform several operations Micro-Op Fusion combines them into one, increasing the performance at more effective power consumption. Architectural and circuit novelties, implemented into Power Optimized Processor Bus, limit power consumption to necessary by automatically reducing voltage and optimizing buffer management. Finally, Dedicated Stack Manager realizes special hardware means for system resource load, enabling processor to perform software instructions without latencies.

It´s also interesting that Intel is going to use ratings to evaluate Banias performance. As it will be higher than that of previous Intel processors, clock rate itself won´t represent Banias capabilities. Last Monday, at the press conference, president and COO Paul Otellini marked that rating system won´t be similar to AMD PR rating and will be based on a formula, comparing Banias with previous Intel chips.

Intel proprietary dual-range WLAN solution, used in Banias, provides 802.11a and 802.11b connectivity at 54 and 11 Mbps, respectively. Backward compatible with existing wireless infrastructure, this solution provides access to various networks. Through Intel PROSet software, Banias-based PC users will be able to transit from wired to high-speed wireless connections without having to close running apps.

WLAN connectivity, developed by Intel for Banias, provide simultaneous operation of both Bluetooth, and 802.11b solutions.

IDF Fall 2002: Intel supports 1066 MHz RDRAM

According to information from Rambus, Intel has at last officially adopted 1066 MHz RDRAM and is going to support it in the future products.

As you know, the future of 1066 MHz RDRAM has been unclear for some time: despite i850E unofficially supported it and some Taiwanese makers even released motherboards supporting 1066 MHz RDRAM, the final solution depended on Intel. The delay called rumours that Intel was slowly declining the idea of using Rambus products, however it they turned out to be false, and 1066 MHz RDRAM will be publicly ratified at Intel Developer Forum.

Marvell 88SX5080: 8-port Serial ATA controller

Serial ATA producst continue to arrive. Marvell annoucned 8-potr Marvell 88SX5080 Serial ATA controller. It´s designed for high-end systems and SANs, server and workstation RAID arrays.

In the press release the company reported that using eight 1.5 Gbps, Marvell 88SX5080 provides 12 Gbps throughput. Adapter features 133 MHz 64-bit PCI-X bus. The company claims the throughtput to be even higher than that of Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop.

Additionally it supports a complex instruction pipeline with EDMA (Enhanced DMA) and SCSI-like software interface.

Marvell 88SX5080 samples, packaged into 320-pin BGA (Ball Grid Array), are avialable for $50 per unit in over 100,000 unit consignments.

Maxtor MaXLine: new, up to 320GB ATA hard disks

Maxtor Corporation announced the MaXLine family of next-generation ATA hard disks designed for 24/7 use. They have up to 320GB capacity and over 1 million hours MTTF.

MaXLine family includes 5400 RPM MaXLine II serie and 7200 RPM MaXLine Plus II serie. Both of them efature UltraATA/133. Serial ATA line is also expected.

Maxtor MaXLine II specifications:

  • Formatted capacity: 250GB and 320GB
  • Average positioning time: less than 11 ms
  • Interface: Ultra ATA/133 or SATA
  • Buffer capacity: 2MB
  • S.M.A.R.T. compatibility
  • 3-year warranty
  • Rotation speed: 5400 RPM
  • Approximate price: $300 and higher

MaXLine Plus II specifications:

  • Formatted capacity: 200GB and 250GB
  • Average positioning time: less than 9 ms
  • Interface: Ultra ATA/133 or SATA
  • Buffer capacity: 8MB
  • S.M.A.R.T. compatibility
  • 3-year warranty
  • Rotation speed: 7200 RPM
  • Approximate price: $400 and higher

Samples of parallel ATA Maxtor MaXLine II and MaXLine Plus II have already begun; volume shipments will begin in Q4 2002. Samples of Serial ATA MaXLine II and MaXLine Plus II are expected late in September, volume shipments — in Q1 2003.

Photo of the day: ATI FireGL on Radeon 9700 Pro

Korean Darkcrow posted photos of the next-generation professional FireGL card sample on ATI Radeon 9700 Pro.

The card has 128MB of Infineon´s 3.3ns DDR SGRAM in BGA package.

New Atlas 15K hard disks from Maxtor

Today Maxtor Corporation presented new Maxtor Atlas 15K hard disks, featuring 15 RPM spindle speed, supporting Ultra320 SCSI and MaxAdapt.

New Maxtor Atlas 15K products are designed for 24/7 use. Their brief specifications are:

  • Average positioning time — 3.2 ms
  • Average data transfer rate — 75 MB/sec
  • Formatted capacity: 18.4 GB, 36.7 GB, 73.4 GB
  • Spindle rotation: 15,000 RPM
  • Buffer capacity: 8MB

Maxtor Atlas 15K test samples are expected in Q4 2002; volume sales — early in Q1 2003. All Atlas 15K disks have 5-year manufacturer warranty.

Kodak recalls DC5000 Zoom digital cameras

Kodak today recalled about 75 thousand of sold DC5000 Zoom digital cameras due to possible electrical shock hazard.

Owners should stop using their cams and send them to the company for a free inspection and repair.

Currently there´s a page, at which residents from different countries can find useful information on how to contact Kodak and send it the camera. DC5000 have been recalled after messages that 12 users were electrically shocked while replacing batteries, using memory cards and USB cable.

All DC5000 cams have a plaque in the bottom of the body with Kodak ID — "KJCAA" — and 8-digit serial number. 01800001 to 11700825 cameras are recalled.

OCZ Technology and its EL-DDR SDRAM: overclockers welcome

Today OCZ Technology Group entered the memory market, announcing the proprietary EL-DDR SDRAM technology.

What´s EL-DDR SDRAM? EL stands for "Enchanced Latency". At close inspection, it turns out that actually the company will use traditional DDR SDRAM components, use more advanced packing process, thorough chip selection, and additional cooling to produce "ultra-low latency" modules.

Naturally, new OCZ Technology products are compatible with current boards. Now the company announced the release of up to 400 MHz CAS 2 CMD 1T DDR SDRAM samples, organized as 16x8 and 32x8.

All the details are provided on this page, I´ll just add that except Corsair and GAIL we now have another overclocker memory modules maker — OCZ Technology.

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