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SilverStone Strider 350W, 400W and 500W PSUs Are Now 80Plus Certified

Synology Launches 09-series Disk Stations, DX5 and RX4, 2.5" Disk Holder

Daily Mailbox

Super Talent Launches 6GB and 3GB DDR3-2000 Kits

ASUS Adds Maximus II GENE mATX Motherboard to the GENE Lineup

ASUS Introduces VENTO TA-M2 Chassis

Tiny TI Power Circuit Simplifies USB Battery Charger Design

NEC Introduces New 3.5-Inch LCD Module

OCZ Introduces Optimized Memory for the AM3 Platform

NEC Develops Technology that Extracts Opinions from Text Data

Microsoft Unveils Ambidextrous SideWinder X3 Mouse

SilverStone Strider 350W, 400W and 500W PSUs Are Now 80Plus Certified

SilverStone Technology informed that its Strider 35F, 40F and 50F power supplies have received the 80Plus certificates.

These power supplies are designed to work even in high ambient temperatures -- up to 50C -- without loosing stability or power output. According to the press release, small size, long cables and low price make these PSUs well-suited for an entry-level gaming or office system.

The recommended price has remained the same.

Model Power rating +12V rail Fan Dimensions, mm Cable type PCI-E connector Certification Price, EUR
ST50F 500W @ 50C Dual 36A 120mm 150x86x140 Fixed cables 2 x PCI-E, 6-pin 80Plus Standard 55,70
ST40F 400W @ 50C Dual 29A 1 x PCI-E 6-pin 80Plus Bronze 41,60
ST35F 350W @ 50C Dual 25A - 80Plus Standard 35,50

Source: SilverStone Technology

More power supplies from SilverStone:

Synology Launches 09-series Disk Stations, DX5 and RX4, 2.5" Disk Holder

Synology launched its 09-series Disk Station models with upgraded hardware configurations, scheduled power on/off function and user-friendly management interface. The plug-n-use DX5 and RX4 expand selected Disk Station's storage to up to 10 hard drives. The 2.5" Disk Holder adds compatibility with 2.5" drives to 3.5" Disk Stations.

The Corporate series includes DS509+ and RS409+ and RS409RP+, which support flexible RAID management and 2TB hard drives. This series is equipped with 2 Gigabit LAN ports, a 1.06GHz CPU with 64-bit memory bus and floating point computing, 1GB memory, and expandable storage with DX5 and RX4.

RS409+, RS409RP+

The DS409+ and DS109+ are new to the Small and Medium Business Series. These two differ from the above by having 512MB of memory.

The Workgroup and Office Series now includes the DS209 and DS109. Both models are equipped with a 1.2GHz CPU, 3 USB ports, and support for 2TB hard drives.

The Personal and Home Office Series have two additional models, the DS209j and DS109j. Both come with a 266MHz CPU and 3 USB ports.

The Disk Station Manager 2.1 software, using AJAX technology, adds integration for new mail server capabilities with the installation of the Mail Station add-on, enhances Synology Surveillance Station, storage management, user management, privilege management, and adds support for 4 new languages - Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (European), Turkish and Hungarian.

All of the above mentioned new products are now shipping.

Source: Synology

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Daily Mailbox

Super Talent Launches 6GB and 3GB DDR3-2000 Kits

Super Talent Technology today launched a new Chrome Series of extreme performance triple-channel DDR3 kits for Intel Core i7 based enthusiast motherboards.

The new Chrome Series is Super Talent's highest performance line of DDR3 that supports extremely high memory clock speeds at a relatively low 1.65 volts to match the requirements of the new breed of Core i7 based motherboards. The first four Chrome Series triple channel kits include 6GB and 3GB kits in DDR3-2000 and DDR3-1800 speeds.

  • WB200UX6G9 -- 6GB (3x2GB), DDR3-2000, PC3-16000, 9-9-9-28, 1.65V
  • WB200UX3G9 -- 3GB (3x1GB), DDR3-2000, PC3-16000, 9-9-9-28, 1.65V
  • WB180UX6G8 -- 6GB (3x2GB), DDR3-1800, PC3-14400, 8-8-8-24, 1.65V
  • WB180UX3G8 -- 3GB (3x1GB), DDR3-1800, PC3-14400, 8-8-8-24, 1.65V

Each Chrome Series kit is hand tested in a triple-channel motherboard at 1.65V. Backed with a lifetime warranty, Chrome Series kits are shipping now to Super Talent resellers worldwide.

Source: Super Talent Technology

More DDR3 memory from Super Talent:

ASUS Adds Maximus II GENE mATX Motherboard to the GENE Lineup

ASUS added an integral GENE to its lineup of ROG (Republic of Gamers) motherboards. Maximus II GENE is based on the Intel P45 Express chipset and offers a number of features including MemOK!, CPU Level Up, and SupremeFX X-Fi.


  • Model: ROG Maximus II GENE
  • CPU: LGA775 socket for Intel Core 2 Extreme / Core 2 Quad / Core 2 Duo
  • Chipset: Intel P45 Express
  • System bus: 1600/1333/1066/800 MHz
  • Memory: 4 x DIMM, dual-channel, up to 16GB, DDR2 1300/1200/1066/800/667 MHz
  • Expansion slots: 2 x PCIe2.0 x16, 1 x PCIex1, 1 x PCI 2.2
  • Multi-GPU: ATI CrossFireX
  • Storage: 7 x SATA 3.0 Gb/s, 1 x eSATA 3.0 Gb/s, 1 x UltraDMA 133
  • LAN: Gigabit LAN
  • Audio: SupremeFX X-Fi 8-ch. with EAX4.0 support
  • Other I/O ports: 1 x PS/2, 1 x eSATA, 1 x IEEE1394a, 1 x Clr CMOS, 1 x Optical S/PDIF
  • USB / IEEE1394a: 12 x USB2.0 / 2 x 1394a
  • Fan connector: 5 (1 x CPU / 2 x chassis / 2 x optional)
  • Software (Full version): Kaspersky anti-virus, Futuremark 3DMark 06 Advanced Edition
  • Features: MemOK!, SupremeFX X-Fi, CPU Level Up, Keyboard-TweakIt, Extreme Tweaker, iROG, Loadline Calibration, LCD Poster, EPU-6 Engine, Voltiminder LED
  • Form factor: mATX, 9.6x9.6 inches (24.4x24.4cm)

Source: ASUS

More P45-based motherboards from ASUS:

ASUS Introduces VENTO TA-M2 Chassis

ASUS released the new ASUS VENTO TA-M2 Chassis. It incorporates screw-less design for easy installation and maximizes thermal efficiency for key components, especially the CPU and graphics cards.

The VENTO TA-M2 supports 1 front LED, 1 rear and 2 side LED 12cm fans. Additionally, the side panel fans are located on an adjustable plate for easy customization. This is especially useful to target specific hotspots and lower CPU and video card temperatures. The VENTO TA-M2 also features a mesh design for the front panel and side panel for maximum ventilation. Furthermore, venting holes found around the HDD racks enhance ventilation for hard disks. The VENTO TA-M2 also provides extra space to fit either a single graphics card of up to 380mm or SLI/Crossfire cards of up to 280mm.

The new chassis provides a patented screw-less design for the ODD and PCI slots. Furthermore, dust filters for the ODD cover and the front fan rack are easily removable for for cleaning and maintenance. The addition of a 5.25-inch rack convertible into a 3.5-inch slot provides better expandability options. Last but no least, the front I/Os are located on the top panel for easy accessibility.

The VENTO TA-M2 employs a matte black-coated paint finish and a silver frame. The VENTO TA-M2 also utilizes foot stands typically found on stereos, enhancing the overall style and stability of the entire chassis.


  • Chassis: ATX/Micro-ATX SGCC 0.6mm
  • Dimension w/bezel w/foot stand: 190 x 483 x 478 mm
  • Drive bay: 4 x external 5.25" optical bays, 1 x external 3.5" bay (from 5.25"), 4 x internal 3.5" bays
  • Front I/O ports: USB2.0 x 2, audio x 2, eSATA x1 (optional)
  • Expansion slots: PCI x 7
  • Ventilation: supports 1 x front 120mm fan with LED light, 1 x rear 120mm fan, 2 x side 120mm fan with LED light (optional)

Source: ASUS

Tiny TI Power Circuit Simplifies USB Battery Charger Design

Texas Instruments Incorporated introduced the industry's smallest 1.1-A Li-Ion linear battery charger with integrated 50-mA low-dropout regulator to support mobile phones and other handheld electronics. The new bq25040 comes in a small 2x3mm package, and can regulate voltage within one-percent accuracy from a USB port or AC adapter. The device's integrated LDO allows a mobile application to power up instantly from an external power source, even with an empty or absent battery.

The bq25040 also saves manufacturing time and cost by eliminating the need for battery setup during production test phase. The charger's single-input interface selects the appropriate charge current and places the device into production test mode.

Key features and benefits:

  • 30-V input with overvoltage protection enables safe charging with unregulated or aftermarket adapters.
  • Up to 1.1-A charge rate.
  • Integrated 50-mA LDO supplies power to external circuits, such as a USB transceiver.
  • Production test mode regulates 4.2-V output without battery connection, and supplies up to 2.3A.
  • Selectable 100-mA or 500-mA USB current limit complies with USB standards.
  • Input voltage dynamic power management provides protection against poor USB sources.

The bq25040 is available now in a 10-pin, QFN package and is priced at $1.20 in quantities of 1,000. Other USB chargers include the bq24150 ultra-small switch-mode charger with integrated FETs, and the bq24072 with dynamic power path management.

Source: Texas Instruments Incorporated

NEC Introduces New 3.5-Inch LCD Module

NEC LCD Technologies introduced a new 3.5-inch (8.9cm) amorphous-silicon transflective TFT LCD module with QVGA resolution, part number NL2432HC22-45A, which features higher reflection properties than previous 3.5-inch transflective models that operate in both transmissive mode (using a backlight) and reflective mode (using available ambient light). The display is targeted for use in small, professional applications such as handheld terminals, as well as in personal digital assistant (PDA) and portable navigation device (PND) applications.

The new product incorporates NEC LCD Technologies' super-reflective natural light TFT (SR-NLT) technology, a proprietary technology that enhances LCD performance in outdoor lighting environments. In the reflective mode, the display module capitalizes on NEC's optimum LCD panel design to provide excellent visibility and viewing angle characteristics, even in outdoor daylight conditions. In addition, the module enables displayed information to be read when the backlight is off, even in an indoor lighting environment, thereby reducing power consumption.

Generally, portable information display instruments use either transmissive or transflective LCD modules. In both transmissive and transflective modules, the backlight consumes between 70 to 90 percent of the displays' total power consumption.

NEC LCD Technologies' new 3.5-inch module, developed in response to the demand for lower power consumption displays in portable applications, incorporates the company's proprietary SR-NLT technologies and newly optimized panel design. Thus, the new product has a high reflection ratio of 16 percent and a contrast ratio of 20:1 in reflective mode. The module also achieves improved viewing angle characteristics in reflective mode by diffusing reflection for wide-angle viewing. This allows for high visibility with the backlight turned off, whether under strong light conditions, such as outdoor daylight viewing, as well as indoor ambient light conditions.

Source: NEC LCD Technologies

OCZ Introduces Optimized Memory for the AM3 Platform

OCZ Technology Group expanded their memory lineup for AMD enthusiasts and power users with new DDR3 kits qualified and optimized specifically for the AM3 platform. The new low-voltage kits were designed exclusively for AMD's transition to DDR3 and are tailored to make full use of the latest computing environments as well as establish a future-proof system with restricted voltage requirements.

OCZ will release the low-voltage AMD Edition kits under the Platinum and Gold series designed specifically for enthusiasts and gamers:

Each module features gold or platinum mirrored XTC (Xtreme Thermal Convection) heatspreaders. The AMD Edition memory series is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Source: OCZ Technology Group

NEC Develops Technology that Extracts Opinions from Text Data

NEC Corporation announced today the development of a "sentence characteristic distribution calculation method" that extracts "opinion sentences" from written text which expresses the feelings or subjective views of a writer, or "topic-related sentences," which are concerned with a specific issue. This technology is designed for analyzing sentences that feature individuals' evaluations of corporate brands or products (reputation information) in a wide range of written content that includes blogs, questionnaires and others.

In order to judge whether a sentence should be considered an opinion sentence or a topic-related sentence, this newly developed method focuses on the continuity of topics, and calculates the subjectivity or topicality of several sentences that appear before or after the target sentence.

For example, this method could determine an individual's ideas, calculate evaluation scores, or determine the ratio of approval vs. disapproval regarding a certain event, product, or service, from information on the Internet, such as blogs, electronic bulletin boards, questionnaire data, or records of inquiries at call centers. This information could then be used for corporate marketing activities.

Source: NEC Corporation

Microsoft Unveils Ambidextrous SideWinder X3 Mouse

Microsoft today announced a new addition to its family of SideWinder gaming products, the SideWinder X3 Mouse, which combines gaming performance and versatile design at a value price of $39.95. This ambidextrous, 8-button gaming mouse features a 2,000 dots-per-inch (dpi) laser-tracking engine with on-the-fly dpi switching between high, medium and low sensitivity.

Like its siblings, the SideWinder X5 Mouse and the original SideWinder Mouse, the SideWinder X3 Mouse has five programmable main buttons that are customizable to gamers' preferences and tested for extreme gaming, with the main button life rated to 10 million clicks. Additional features include these:

  • IntelliPoint software to create and assign macros.
  • 2000 DPI laser tracking engine.
  • On-the-fly DPI switching (400, 800, and 2000 DPI or you can customize settings using special software).
  • 5 programmable main buttons.
  • Macros (customizable using included software).
  • Recessed side buttons.
  • Image processing: 7080 frames per second.
  • Max acceleration: 20 G.
  • Max speed: 45+ inches per second.
  • USB reporting: full-speed, 500 Hz.
  • Weight-balanced plus wide glide feet.
  • Wide rubber scroll wheel with detent clicking action.
  • Centered laser port for targeting accuracy.
  • Quick Turn (check your perimeter with the click of a button).
  • 3-year warranty.

The SideWinder X3 Mouse will be widely available in May.

Source: Microsoft

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