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Legion Hardware — (Shuttle SN45G XPC)

MSI KT6 Delta: a novelty on VIA KT600

TwinMOS 1024MB Dual-Channel PC3200/DDR400 Kit @ TechConnect

Photo of the day: Gainward FX Powerpack Ultra/1200 Golden Sample

Leadtek WinFast A310 Ultra TD MyVivo Review @ Bjorn3d

LEICA DIGITAL-MODUL-R: 10mp digital back for LEICA R8 and R9 film cameras

Performance and Scalability of the new Opteron @ Techno Babble


HWZ review: Gigabyte GA-8PENXP (Intel 865PE)

Gigabyte releases its VIA KT600 model as well: GA-7VT600 1394

EpoX announces EP-8KRA2+ mobo on VIA KT600

Toshiba announces new 2.5" 80/40Gb hard drives

Legion Hardware — (Shuttle SN45G XPC)

"There are few gamers that could deny the SN45G as a better gaming alternative to what they currently have. Not only is the SN45G system still incredibly small but it is also very quiet and can now be accompanied by a serious 3D graphics card such as the Radeon 9800 Pro. Supporting the latest nForce2 chipset from NVIDIA there was nothing stopping the SN45G from producing some very impressive results."

Read more at Legion Hardware.

MSI KT6 Delta: a novelty on VIA KT600

Micro-Star International (MSI) introduced its VIA KT600-based motherboard (feat. VT8237 Southbridge), MSI KT6 Delta supporting 400MHz FSB. Itís designed for AMD Athlon XP (Barton), Athlon, Duron processors; features 3 sockets for DDR400 (PC3200), DDR333 (PC2700) and DDR266 (PC2100) SDRAM. The board features Thermal Diode Circuit that prevents Athlon XP CPU overheating.

The performance of storage subsystem is increased with onboard Promise RAID. According to the maker, the board can feature either Broadcom Gigabit, or 10/100M LAN controller. Another nice thing is longer length of Serial ATA cables enabling better in-case airflow.

The bundle includes Live Update 2 and CoreCenter utilities as the main means of managing mobo settings. Besides, the novelty supports a number of proprietary technologies including Speedster (o/c BIOS for setting asynchronous FSB/memory modes, memory voltage adjust by 0.05V steps, Vcore adjust by 0.0125V steps); BuzzFree (noise reduction), PowerPro (power management) and LifePro (prolonging CPU/motherboard life cycle).

TwinMOS 1024MB Dual-Channel PC3200/DDR400 Kit @ TechConnect

The TwinMOS modules overclocked up to DDR452 CAS2.5 3-3-7 with the voltage bumped to 2.7v which translates into a 226MHz DDR working frequency. With faster timings like CAS2 2-3-5, the kit achieved a 217MHz speed (DDR434)."

Read more at TechConnect.

Photo of the day: Gainward FX Powerpack Ultra/1200 Golden Sample

We received the top-end FX Powerpack Ultra/1200 Golden Sample from Gainward for testing.

The card bases on GeForce FX 5900 GPU, has 128Mb of DDR memory and 400/850MHz clock speeds. It differs from other similar solutions mainly by the original backlit cooling system.

Leadtek WinFast A310 Ultra TD MyVivo Review @ Bjorn3d

"Today, we are going to take a look at the high end of the A310 series, the WinFast A310 Ultra TD MyVivo, which as noted above is based on NVIDIA´s FX 5600 GPU. As you may already know, this is a very capable midrange graphics processor that, as we will see, really flexes its muscle when GPU intensive features such as anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering are enabled."

Here´s the review link.

LEICA DIGITAL-MODUL-R: 10mp digital back for LEICA R8 and R9 film cameras

German Leica posted the official press release about the new LEICA DIGITAL-MODUL-R digital back for transforming LEICA R8 and LEICA R9 film cameras (announced at Photokina 2002) into digital devices with 10mp CCDs. The novelty is to be showcased at the forthcoming Photokina 2004 in Cologne.

LEICA DIGITAL-MODUL-R´s main features include: 10mp CCD, 1.37x focal length extension factor, SD cards support, IEEE1304 (Firewire). The module consists of the back itself and a power supply. It will be offered as an accessory for LEICA R8 and R9 for transforming tem into a 35mm hybrid, which can be used as both digital and analog device. The novelty will support all Leica R lens.

Backís software and controls have been developed together with Danish Imacon A/S. The 10mp CCD has been exclusively made for LEICA DIGITAL-MODUL-R by Kodak Image Sensor Solutions (ISS). At that sensorís pixel size makes 6.8 microns, with the effective area measured 26.4x17.6mm. The sensivity ranges from ISO 100 to at least ISO 800.

With LEICA DIGITAL-MODUL-R back installed, the camera will be sized 158x140x89mm, resembling the dimensions of LEICA R8 / R9 connected to Motor-Drive R.

Performance and Scalability of the new Opteron @ Techno Babble

"In the interest of fairness, I´ve been monitoring Microsoft´s Exchange Server benchmark page. As you may recall, when the Opteron was launched, scores for 2-way and 4-way servers based on the chip were posted to this page.

As discussed here, the not yet available Opteron platform (running at 1.80GHz) defeated the fastest competing Xeon (2-way, 2.80GHz) and Xeon MP (4-way, 2.00GHz) chips by 12.2% and 17.6%, respectively.

As of this month, two new scores have been posted, one which is particularly notable. Both scores are from 2-way Xeon servers. These servers are running at 3.06GHz, and the faster of the two has a score of 11000, a jump of 12.2%. Curiously, this is exactly enough of a boost to make the fastest 2-way Xeon the same speed as the fastest 2-way Opteron. Rather than chalk it up to an unlikely coincidence, I´m tempted to speculate that there´s a bit of rounding involved in the score reporting process. No matter, though; the basic idea is that the Xeon and the Opteron are currently evenly matched in 2-way configurations."

You can read more at Techno Babble.


ATI Technologies, following the usual strategy, in a separate press release announced shipments of new ALL-IN-WONDER 9800 PRO to North American retail.

Cardís main specs were posted as far back as in early April, at the moment of its announcement. So, just to remind: Radeon 9800 PRO GPU, ATI THEATER 200 chip, 128Mb of 256-bit DDR.

I donít know why the company has been recently keeping silence about clock speeds in its official press releases and spec pages, but indirectly we got to know them: 380/340(680) MHz.

Other features include stereo 125-ch. TV tuner, analog MPEG-2 capture at up to 720x480@30fps, DVD Dolby AC-3 playback, Video-out supporting HDTV via special YprPb adapter, OpenGL and Microsoft DirectX 9.0 support, operation under Windows XP/2000/Me/98/98 SE, 3-year warranty.

Besides, the bundle includes REMOTE WONDER remote control and ATI MULTIMEDIA CENTER 8.5 software kit including EAZYLOOK, TV-ON-DEMAND PVR, MULTVIEW, THRUVIEW, VIDEOSOAP utilities. The MSRP of ALL-IN-WONDER 9800 PRO is $449.

HWZ review: Gigabyte GA-8PENXP (Intel 865PE)

"In terms of performance, the GA-8PENXP is about on-par with the original Intel D865PERL board. Not too shabby if you´re considering a feature rich board like this one. However, it would be slower than most of the recent 865PE boards which features PAT tweaks. If compared to those boards (and also boards with dynamic overclocking), the GA-8PENXP will appear slower."

Read more at HardwareZone.

Gigabyte releases its VIA KT600 model as well: GA-7VT600 1394

Gigabyte Technology released own mobos on VIA KT600 + VT8237 chipset for AMD AthlonXP with 400MHz FSB. These include the high-end GA-7VT600 1394 and lower-end 7VT600 and 7VT600-L.

GA-7VT600 series specs:

  • ATX form-factor
  • VIA KT600 + VIA VT8237 (or VT8235) chipset
  • Supports Socket A AMD Athlon XP/Athlon/Duron with 400/333/266/200MHz FSB
  • 3 sockets for up to 3Gb of PC3200/PC2700/PC2100
  • AGP8X/4X
  • 5 PCI slots
  • 6-ch. AC97 codec (Realtek ALC655)
  • 8 x USB2.0 ports
  • Bundled Xpress Install, Xpress Recovenry, EasyTune4, @BIOS, Q-Flash utilities, Norton Internet Security, Norton Anti Virus, Norton Personal Firewall, Norton Privacy Control, Norton Parental Control, Norton Spam Alert, GIGABYTE Windows Utility Manager, Adobe Acrobat Reader software

Besides, GA-7VT600 1394 has two Serial ATA ports supporting RAID 0, RAID 1 and IEEE1394, and Ethernet 10/100Mb LAN (Realtek 8101L; similar to 7VT600-L).

EpoX announces EP-8KRA2+ mobo on VIA KT600

EPoX Computer announced its new EP-8KRA2+ mobo supporting all current Socket 462 CPUs, including AMD Athlon XP 3200+.

EPoX EP-8KRA2+ specs:

  • Supports Socket A processors with up to 400MHz FSB
  • VIA KT600 + VT8237 chipset
  • 3 DDR DIMM sockets for DDR266/333/400
  • AGP8X slot
  • 6 x PCI slots
  • 8 x USB2.0 ports
  • 6-ch. codec with S/PDIF
  • P-ATA-133 IDE, RAID 0, 1, 0+1, 1.5
  • 2 x Serial ATA ports, RAID 0,1
  • 2 x IEEE 1394a ports
  • 10/100 Ethernet LAN
  • ATX form-factor

Toshiba announces new 2.5" 80/40Gb hard drives

Toshiba America Information Systems announced new 2.5" hard drives of 80Gb and 40Gb capacity: MK8025GAS, MK4025GAS. The 80Gb level was reached at 9.5mm thickness 64.8Gbit/in². plates.

Drives brief specs:

  • MK8025GAS/MK4025GAS model numbers
  • Fluid bearings
  • 80/40Gb capacities
  • 2/1 plates
  • 4/2 heads
  • 12ms average seek
  • ATA-6, Ultra DMA/100 interface
  • 4200rpm
  • 5V voltage
  • 2.3W read/write, 0.7W standby consumption
  • 0.009W/Gb (Class E) / 0.018W/Gb (Class D) energy intensity
  • 8Mb buffer
  • 69.85x100x9.5mm size
  • 98/94g weight
  • 1960m/s (200G) operating shock protection
  • 7840 m/s (800G) standby shock protection
  • 24dB standby noise
  • 31dB seek noise
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