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VIA KN400: a new chipset for Mobile AMD Athlon XP-M

CeBIT 2003: Nokia releases 3 new mobile handsets and new accessories

CeBIT 2003: AMD announces 12 new mobile processors along with Athlon XP-M brand

ASUS announces Centrino notebooks

Intel Centrino officially announced

CeBIT 2003: Samsung Electronics announces 54" TFT LCD

VIA KN400: a new chipset for Mobile AMD Athlon XP-M

Today VIA Technologies announced a new low-power mobile chipset – VIA ProSavageT KN400 supporting new AMD AthlonT XP-M, including 200/266/333MHz and Barton-based variants.

The name indicates this chipset features an integrated graphics core: S3 Graphics UniChrome 2D/3D AGP with hardware MPEG-2 encoder. "N" stands for low-power design. The chipset supports DDR200/266/333/400 SDRAM memory, USB 2.0 interface and 6-ch. sound. KN400 Northbridge will be coupled with VT8235CE or VT8237 Southbridges.

VIA ProSavage KN400 shipments have already started, so we might see notebooks announced on it in the near future.

CeBIT 2003: Nokia releases 3 new mobile handsets and new accessories

At CeBIT 2003 Nokia announced 3 new mobile phones: Nokia 6220, Nokia 3300 and Nokia 810, along with a number of accessories: Image Viewer for browsing digital photos, Digital Pen for MMS handwriting and a magnifier.

Nokia 3300 is company’s second handset supporting digital audio playback. It is shipped with 64Mb MMC card and has a USB port.

It will be released in two versions: for EMEA region and North America, differing by 900/1800 and 850/1900MHz bands, respectively.

Nokia 3300 design resembles that of 5510, the first MP3-enabled device, and N-Gage gaming console. It supports True Tones technology for using stored music as ring tones, and additionally features WAP 2.0 / XHTML browser and J2ME support. Talk time is claimed >2.5 hours, standby – up to 12 days.

Next one, Nokia 6220 features a digital camera, WAP 2.0 / XHTML browser, GPRS and EDGE.

The third, Nokia 810 (900/1800MHz GSM) is designed for in-car use.

Finally, above are Image Viewer, Digital Pen, and magnifier.

CeBIT 2003: AMD announces 12 new mobile processors along with Athlon XP-M brand

Today AMD officially announced 12 new mobile processors along with AMD Athlon XP-M brand.

The company presented low-voltage (1.05-1.25V core voltage) Mobile AMD Athlon XP-M 1800+, 1700+, 1600+, 1500+ and 1400+, based on Thoroughbred core, featuring ~25W TDP, and Barton-based 1800+ in microPGA package mainly for ultra light notebooks.

For performance notebook market AMD announced Barton-based Athlon XP-M 2400+ and 2500+ with 512Kb L2 cache along with AMD Athlon XP-M 2600+, 2500+, 2400+, 2200+ and 2000+ in OPGA package with 256Kb L2 cache. AMD Athlon XP-M 2400+ and 2200+ are now available in both traditional mobile (~35W TDP), and desktop (<70W TDP) series.

All processors support 266MHz FSB, are made using 0.13-micron process technology at the fab in Dresden. These LV solutions feature the same Socket A structure, but combined with µPGA package. In over 1,000-unit quantities new low-voltage Mobile AMD Athlon XP-M cost from $71 to $147. Athlon XP-M for performance notebooks will cost within $87-246 range. A number of Japanese, European, and North American makers have already announced shipments of newly-powered notebooks.

ASUS announces Centrino notebooks

First announcements of Centrino-based notebooks arrive. ASUSTeK Computer was one of the first, having presented S1N, M2N and M3N series. Each system includes all three Centrino components: Pentium M, i855 chipset and Intel PRO/Wireless 2100.

S1N single-spindle notebooks feature 13.3" LCD panels, 4-in-1 card readers (SM/SD/MS/MMC), and an bay for DVD/CD-RW combo or second hard drive. Traditional ASUS Power4 Gear and ADTD II are also supported for up to 3.5-hour operation. Being about 18mm thick, S1N models weigh about 1.8kg.

Dual-spindle M2N systems have 14.1" LCD panels, , 4-in-1 card readers (SM/SD/MS/MMC), an the same bay DVD/CD-RW combo or second hard drive. ASUS Power4 Gear and ADTD II supported providing 5.5 hours of operation. Being 22mm thick, M2N models weigh about 2.2kg.

Finally, M3N serie features 14.1" SXGA+ LCD display, 4-in-1 card reader (SM/SD/MS/MMC), 4 USB 2.0 ports, Bluetooth adapters, a bay for DVD/CD-RW combo or a second HDD. ASUS Power4 Gear and ADTD II provide up to 8 hours of working! Weighing 2.2kg, these models are about 22mm thick.

Intel Centrino officially announced

Today Intel posted the official press release informing Intel Centrino platform has been launched. This has been the most news-posted technology recently and I guess our readers are familiar with it already, but today let’s get deeper into the announcement.

Intel Centrino platform includes Intel Pentium M processor, Intel 855 chipset family and Intel Pro/Wireless 2100 networking interface. All components have been optimized, qualified and tested for mobile operation. Most important features are Micro-Ops Fusion and Dedicated Stack Manager for faster execution of instructions at lower power, and Advanced Branch Prediction to reduce re-dos for increased performance. Except wireless features Intel Centrino includes battery life extention tecnniques, thinner and lighter designs and higher mobile performance.

Pentium M processors are made using 0.13-micron process technology and consist of 77 million transistors. They have 400MHz FSB, 1Mb of power managed L2 cache supporting unused block turn-off, and energy saving features. The processor supports advanced Intel SpeedStep with multiple voltage & frequency operating points along with Streaming SIMD Extensions 2.

Intel 855 family includes two chipsets designed specificially for the mobile market: Intel 855PM to be coupled with an external graphics card, and Intel 855GM with built-in Intel Extreme Graphics 2. Both support Intel SpeedStep, Deeper Sleep mode and feature built-in timers for automatically disabling unused clock. 855GM chipset also supports energy saving for the graphics subsystem. Besides, both solutions support IO Hub, up to 2Gb DDR266.

Intel PRO/Wireless 2100 networking interface has been developed and qualified for 802.11b, Wi-Fi compatibility. It features built-in WLAN security functions, including 802.1x, WEP and VPN along with upgradability to WPA. Besides, partnership with Cisco Systems allowed mobile Intel Centrino to support Cisco LEAP with software upgradability to support Cisco* Compatible Extensions.

Leading manufacturers today start to ship Centrino-based notebooks for average $1399. Intel Centrino components: Intel 855PM, Intel PRO/Wireless 2100 and Intel Pentium M with 1.60, 1.50, 1.40, 1.30 GHz clock speeds will cost $720, $506, $377, $292, respectively, in over 1,000-unit quantities. Featuring low-voltage 1.10GHz Intel Pentium M or ultra low-voltage 900MHz CPU, Intel Centrino will cost $345 and $324, respectively. All devices are also available separately.

CeBIT 2003: Samsung Electronics announces 54" TFT LCD

At CeBIT 2003 in Hannover Samsung Electronics announced the world-first 54" TFT LCD display, the largest for the moment.

54" device supports 1920x1080 resolution and has 6.228 million pixels. TV mode provides 1080 lines and 60 fps.

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