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Razer Boomslang Collector's Edition 2007 on Sale and Shipping Wordwide

SPEC Releases Power-Performance Benchmark for Servers

FEMA Flop Tops 13th Annual PR Blunders List for 2007

NVIDIA Gives PC Gamers More Processing Power with the GeForce 8800 GTS 512 MB

PRNewswire: Kenwood Develops First In-Car Video Devices Based on MPH(TM) In-Band Mobile DTV System

PRNewswire: Mobile Greeting Card Creator Launched by Cellyspace for Holidays

The World's First Talking Message Tag

The iPhone Will Be a Primary Target for Hackers in 2008

Transcend Introduces Curvy Pure-White USB Flash Drive, JetFlash V33

Daily Mailbox

ASUS Announces New Generation P5N-T Deluxe Motherboard with 3-Way SLI Technology

PRNewswire: With Writers' Strike Side-Lining Shows, 50 Percent in New Poll Say They Are Turning to the Web

Super Talent Expands SSD Offering to include ZIF Socket

Intel Marks 60th Anniversary of the Transistor

Razer Boomslang Collector's Edition 2007 on Sale and Shipping Wordwide

Razer, the manufacturer of high-end precision gaming and lifestyle electronics peripherals, has announced that the Razer Boomslang Collector's Edition (CE) 2007 has begun shipping and is available for purchase from www.razerzone.com and other retailers for US: $99.99 / Europe: ˆ99.99.

Only 10,000 units of the Boomslang CE 2007 will be available as a tribute to the legendary Boomslang, Razer's first gaming mouse launched in 1999. Each unit will also come with its own unique serial code, accompanied by an exclusive certificate of ownership.


  • 1800dpi Razer Precision 3G infrared sensor
  • 32KB Razer Synapse onboard memory KB Razer Synapse onboard memory
  • Classic ambidextrous design
  • 1000Hz Ultrapolling / 1ms response
  • Five independently programmable Hyperesponse buttons
  • On-The-Fly Sensitivity adjustment
  • Always-On mode
  • Ultra-large non-slip buttons
  • 16-bit ultra-wide data path
  • 6400 frames per second (5.8 megapixels per second)
  • Up to 60 inches per second and 15g of acceleration
  • Zero-acoustic Ultraslick Teflon feet
  • Gold-plated USB connector
  • Seven-foot, lightweight, non-tangle cord
  • Approximate size: 139 x 82 x 35 mm (150g)

The matte black box looks understated and subtle yet is anything but, with text in a gloss varnish, while the brush-finished stainless steel metal clip features a laser-etched signature Razer logo. Each Boomslang CE 2007 has its own numbered collector's card.

As with the original Boomslang circa 1999, the Razer Boomslang CE 2007 comes housed in a black metal tin with an embossed Razer logo. The Boomslang CE 2007 is tucked away snugly in the depths of the tin with protective suede foam. Accompanying this collector's gaming mouse is the driver disc, an introductory guide and a master guide.

Source: Razer

SPEC Releases Power-Performance Benchmark for Servers

The Standard Performance Evaluation Corp. (SPEC) has released SPECpower_ssj2008, the first industry-standard benchmark that measures power consumption in relation to performance for server-class computers.

SPEC has designed SPECpower_ssj2008 to be used as both a benchmark to compare power and performance among different servers and as a toolset to improve server efficiency.

"The power efficiency of servers has become a high-priority issue for the IT industry, computer manufacturers, and governments," says Klaus-Dieter Lange, chair of the SPECpower committee. "SPEC is taking its proven methodologies for ensuring consistent, fair and repeatable performance measurement and applying them to power consumption."

SPEC member companies active in developing the new power-performance measurement standard include AMD, Dell, Fujitsu Siemens Computers, HP, Intel, IBM, and Sun Microsystems. Associate members participating in the effort include University of California - Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

SPECpower_ssj2008 reports power consumption for servers at different performance levels — from 100-percent to idle in 10-percent segments — over a set period of time. The graduated workload recognizes the fact that processing loads and power consumption on servers vary substantially over the course of days or weeks. To compute a power-performance metric across all levels, measured transaction throughputs for each segment are added together, then divided by the sum of the average power consumed for each segment. The result is a figure of merit called "overall ssj_ops/watt."

The benchmark workload represents typical server-side Java business applications. The workload is scalable, multi-threaded, portable across a wide range of operating environments, and economical to run. It exercises CPUs, caches, memory hierarchy, and the scalability of shared memory processors (SMPs), as well as implementations of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), JIT (just in time) compiler, garbage collection, threads, and some aspects of the operating system.

The minimum equipment for SPEC-compliant testing is two networked computers, plus a power analyzer and a temperature sensor. One computer is the system under test (SUT), the other a controller system where power, performance and temperature are captured for reporting. A typical test run for SPECpower_ssj2008 takes about 70 minutes using default settings.

SPECpower_ssj2008 is available immediately from SPEC for $1,600; discounts are available for qualified non-profit and educational institutions. More details and order information are available at www.spec.org/specpower or through e-mail at info@spec.org.

Source: The Standard Performance Evaluation Corp.

FEMA Flop Tops 13th Annual PR Blunders List for 2007

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- It has been yet another banner year for all manner of PR gaffes and errors. The 13th Annual Top 10 PR Blunders List, compiled by San Francisco's Fineman PR (http://www.finemanpr.com/), includes a phony press conference, a buzz-marketing bust-up and Los Angeles County's favorite party girl.

1. "No Reporters? No Problem." (ABC News)

Already troubled by continued claims of inadequate disaster response and wasteful use of funds, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) truly fumbled when it held what the Washington Post described as a "phony press conference" in response to Southern California wildfires. "Questions were asked by FEMA staffers playing reporters," "lob[bing] one softball after another so [Vice Administrator Harvey E. Johnson, Jr., could] praise FEMA's work," said the Post. Homeland Security Department head Michael Chertoff was reported by CNN, CBS and others to have said that "it was one of the dumbest and most inappropriate things [he has] seen since [he has] been in government." FEMA became defensive and insisted that reporters were expected -- albeit with only 15 minutes notice of the conference -- but did not show up, and that the questions posed by staffers were originated by reporters. FEMA deputy director of public affairs "Mike" Widomski, one of the reporter-impersonating staffers, responded to Post columnist Al Kamen's inquiries by saying "if the worst thing that happens to me in this disaster is that we had staff in the chairs to ask questions that reporters had been asking all day, trust me, I'll be happy." Okay.

2. Buzz Marketing Gone Bust

When Boston residents suddenly noted blinking, cryptic devices attached to bridges, bus depots and subway stations, they alerted city authorities, who shut down sections of the city to remove the devices and ensure that they were not related to a bomb threat or other terrorist activity. Turns out that Turner Broadcasting-affiliated Cartoon Network arranged for the covert placement of the battery-powered magnetic signs in 10 U.S. cities to promote offbeat program "Aqua Teen Hunger Force." Cartoon Network head Jim Samples eventually stepped down and criminal charges were filed against employees of consulting ad agency Interference Inc., in what an ad expert described to The Wall Street Journal as "the most significant blunder in the world of guerrilla advertising."

3. "Why I Hate Race-Baiting Columns" (San Francisco Chronicle)

The true "what were they thinking" moment in this year's Blunders: when San Francisco's AsianWeek, the self-styled "voice of Asian America," published a brief column in February entitled "Why I Hate Blacks." The offensive piece ran in the middle of Black History Month in a publication based in what is supposed to be one of the most politically correct cities in the U.S. Filled with pejorative racial stereotyping, the column, by regular AsianWeek contributor Kenneth Eng, was described by Los Angeles Times columnist Erin Aubry Kaplan as "remarkably hateful ... most base and unsubstantiated." After public outcry, Eng was quickly terminated and apologies were issued through statements and at town hall meetings.

4. Iggy Come Home!

Ellen DeGeneres might have overdone it when she tearfully pled, during a taping of her popular talk show, for the return of Iggy, a dog she had previously adopted and given to her hairdresser's family after it took issue with her cats. On the other hand, Mutts & Moms, the agency she adopted it from, probably wasn't making the right decision when it repossessed the dog from its new family -- aggressively, on video, prompting criticism and threats from Ellen's fans after she gave them the tearful play-by-play. San Francisco Chronicle television critic Tim Goodman noted that " ... if you're Mutts & Moms, you've got to be thinking, 'Well, I guess we should have hired a real public relations person instead of Betty's daughter from payroll.'"

5. "Not So Simple Life" (People.com)

Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca was widely criticized this year for reassigning socialite Paris Hilton to privileged home confinement -- complete with Mrs. Beasley's Gourmet Cupcakes -- after completing only three days of her 45-day sentence for violation of her probation for alcohol-related reckless driving. Baca told reporters that he had reassigned Hilton due to her "severe medical problems." Steve Lopez of the Los Angeles Times noted that "[releasing Paris] was big of [Baca], but [Los Angeles County Jail] is filled with people who have serious physical and mental problems. How many of them get sent home for cupcakes?" The problem, according to RadarOnline.com, may be the sheriff's "close ties to the Hollywood community."

6. When the Hand that Feeds Bites

Pet products are a $38 billion industry in the U.S., and several pet food companies, most notably Menu Foods, took a severe PR beating this year after thousands of cases of illness and death among U.S. pets were attributed to use of contaminated ingredients from China. Most perplexing was each company's reluctance to respond to taint allegations forthrightly, quickly and responsibly. Instead, they trickled out the news -- and recalls -- in small increments. Forbes.com accused the involved brands of "hiding behind each other, feeling secure in the knowledge that their collective market dominance leaves pet owners with few options."

7. LUV: Not in the Air

It's been a tough year for fliers, whose rights seem to have disappeared into thin air as crews judged consumer behavior and appearance in what MSNBC.com describes as "the general lack of respect for customers that seems to be growing in the airline industry." In one example, Southwest passenger Kyla Ebbert was threatened with removal from a San Diego to Tucson flight for wearing an allegedly inappropriate outfit. When Ms. Ebbert took her case to NBC's "Today" show and CBS' "The Dr. Phil Show," Southwest issued a mangled apology more than a week later, attempting to make light of its treatment of Ebbert by announcing a "skimpy" fare sale. Rival airline Virgin America didn't hesitate to capitalize on Southwest's mishandling of the situation, booking her to appear with Virgin Group chair Sir Richard Branson for the launch of new San Francisco to Las Vegas flights.

8. If You Can't Stand the Heat ...

Nobody loves a whiner, and that's exactly the part famed restaurateur Jeffrey Chodorow played when he bought a full-page advertisement (http://gawker.com/assets/resources/2007/02/pete_wells_ad1.php) in the New York Times to decry Times restaurant critic Frank Bruni's no-star review of his Kobe Club steakhouse. Not only did Chodorow needlessly and heedlessly blast Bruni in the tiny-type, error-ridden rant, he actually chronicled the demise of two of his previous restaurants, Rocco's and Caviar & Banana, and paid handsomely for the privilege. Former Times food critic Mimi Sheraton wrote on Slate.com, Chodorow "was an idiot to have run such an ad ... [because] of the added exposure of the negative review to so many who may never have read the original." Not to mention the negative media coverage that ran in newspapers from Stamford to Seattle.

9. Lost in Translation

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger clearly thought he could use his own immigrant experience to make headway when speaking at the annual convention of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists but struck a sour note, according to CBS News, when he told the assembled journalists, "'you've got to turn off the Spanish television set' and stay away from Spanish-language television, books and newspapers" in order to "learn English quickly." Although Schwarzenegger's remarks were intended as advice for Latino students, they offended the audience, many of whom were in fact members of the Spanish-language media. Pilar Marrero, political editor for La Opinion, was on hand -- CBS News says she "chuckled at the governor's comments," saying "'they're [Latinos are] too busy working.'"

10. "over b4 it began"

Maybe Rosie O'Donnell should hire a media trainer. Although scheduled to part ways with "The View" in June due to contractual disagreements, she arranged to leave the program a month early after repeated on-air clashes with conservative co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck. These clashes revolved around hefty conspiracy theories posited by O'Donnell, both on "The View" and on her blog. According to The Miami Herald, these included allegations that "one of the World Trade Center buildings was 'imploded' [on 9/11] by explosives planted inside ... to destroy evidence of the corporate financial scandals at Enron and WorldComm." Finally, while on a book tour in Miami, Rosie let slip that she had a prime-time talk show deal in the works with MSNBC, prompting the cable network to back out. According to her blog, "we were close to a deal / almost done / i let it slip in miami / causing panic on the studio end ... 2day there is no deal / poof / my career as a pundit is over / b4 it began."

Source: PRNewswire

NVIDIA Gives PC Gamers More Processing Power with the GeForce 8800 GTS 512 MB

News Facts:

  • NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS 512 MB graphics cards are available today, just in time for the holiday-buying frenzy.
  • Coming on the heels of the introduction of the critically acclaimed GeForce 8800 GT, the GeForce 8800 GTS 512 MB graphics card delivers impressive new levels of performance in the $299–$349 price range.
  • GeForce 8800 GTS 512 MB graphics cards offer an intense gaming experience with stunning special effects and high-definition visuals for the hottest holiday PC games, such as: Crysis, Hellgate: London, Gears of War, Unreal Tournament 3, and Call of Duty 4, along with full support for current DirectX 9 games.

Product Facts:

  • NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS 512 MB offers 25% more graphics processing power than NVIDIA products previously offered at the same price point1.
  • The GeForce 8800 GTS 512 MB also offers new features such as support for PCI Express 2.0, dual-link HDCP, and the second-generation PureVideo HD engine from NVIDIA.
  • The NVIDIA PureVideo HD engine delivers astounding Blu-ray and HD DVD movie picture quality on a PC with 100% offload of H.264 video decoding, freeing the CPU to perform other tasks and significantly reducing power consumption, heat, and noise.
  • All GeForce 8800 GPUs support NVIDIA SLI technology which allows you to use two graphics processors in unison, sharing the graphics workload.
  • GeForce 8800 GTS 512 MB graphics cards are available now from leading add-in card manufacturers, retailers, and system builders. For information on where to buy GeForce 8800 GTS 512 MB products, please visit http://www.nvidia.com/wheretobuy.

Source: NVIDIA

PRNewswire: Kenwood Develops First In-Car Video Devices Based on MPH(TM) In-Band Mobile DTV System

LONG BEACH, Calif., Dec. 11 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- In a move expected to accelerate the rollout of mobile digital television (DTV), Kenwood USA Corporation has become the first major manufacturer of automotive electronics to develop a truly mobile DTV receiver for over-the-air broadcasts in North America.

Kenwood has created prototype terrestrial DTV receivers based on the MPH(TM) in-band mobile DTV system, developed by Harris Corporation (NYSE:HRS) , LG Electronics and LG's U.S. R&D subsidiary, Zenith. Prototype in-car Kenwood MPH(TM) receivers -- designed to bring terrestrial broadcast digital TV to consumers on the go, particularly those in fast-moving vehicles -- will be demonstrated publicly for the first time at the 2008 International CES(R) in January at the Kenwood booth N1001, Las Vegas Convention Center, North Hall.

MPH(TM) is capable of providing robust terrestrial DTV signals to mobile, pedestrian and handheld devices. For consumers, MPH(TM) enables users to view their favorite broadcast TV programs, including movies and sports, and access local news and weather information. For DTV broadcasters, this new technology has the potential to create lucrative new revenue streams.

ATSC digital television -- which was optimized for transmission to fixed receivers -- will be the only broadcast television in the United States after February 2009 when analog broadcasting ceases. MPH(TM) represents a significant upgrade to ATSC, allowing excellent DTV reception performance in cars, even at highway speeds.

Kenwood's MPH(TM) DTV development effort builds on the company's long record of innovation and its unsurpassed reach in the mobile electronics marketplace, both in the aftermarket and through more than 30 OEM relationships. In addition to its leadership role in successfully field- testing HD Radio(TM) (terrestrial digital broadcast radio tests with Harris and National Public Radio) and developing the first commercially available HD Radio(TM) and multicast receivers, Kenwood's Digital Broadcast Group has supported development of other mobile video technologies in Europe and Asia.

"At Kenwood, we have been watching the emerging market for mobile terrestrial DTV with great interest," said Shoichiro Eguchi, president, Kenwood USA Corporation. "With technologies like MPH(TM) paving the way, the in-car DTV market will be enormous. We are pleased to work with Harris, LG and Zenith on this breakthrough technology."

LG Electronics President and Chief Technology Officer Dr. H.G. Lee said, "MPH(TM) field tests show that ATSC-compatible mobile DTV works well. The next phase is to measure consumer interest. That's where various manufacturers will play a crucial role, and Kenwood's contributions to this effort are noteworthy."

"Kenwood's technological prowess and market strength in mobile electronics lend further credibility to the MPH(TM) system," said Tim Thorsteinson, president, Harris Broadcast Communications. "We look forward to jointly demonstrating mobile DTV on Kenwood MPH(TM) receivers."

Source: PRNewswire

PRNewswire: Mobile Greeting Card Creator Launched by Cellyspace for Holidays

BOSTON, Dec. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Cellyspace (www.cellyspace.com) has launched a do-it-yourself, web-based Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) for users to create multimedia greeting cards and send them to their family and friend's phones. Dubbed the "MMS Composer," this service allows users to upload pictures and audio files from their computer, edit them into a slideshow and then send them for immediate or scheduled delivery. MMS messages are optimized to fit mobile phone formats and can include audio, video, text and images. The service is well suited for making an immediate and emotional impact on that special person at that special time.

Cellyspace doesn't charge to create or store MMS messages but there is a $0.20 charge to send them. There is no need for recipients to download software on their phones. The service is compatible with the major US wireless carriers and with most MMS-enabled ("picture messaging") phones on those networks.

Mobile greeting cards can have a unique impact on the recipient and cost less than the postage alone for printed cards. According to Richard Eicher, CEO of Skycore, "Sending thoughtfully composed, intimate, humorous or inspirational messages can be especially meaningful when received on someone's mobile phone since it is often their most personal of communications devices."

Source: PRNewswire

The World's First Talking Message Tag

Texting "I luv u" hardly captures the emotion and letter writing can be a bit OTT so here's the perfect solution, the world's first talking message tag.

From now on, you can personalise your feelings to a best mate or a new date by sending a pre-recorded pre.vu Talking Message Tag. These credit card size mementos let you record your message of up to 60 seconds, anywhere on the planet, which can then be replayed hundreds of times by the recipient.

Imagine gran and grandad listening to the grandchildren's birthday wishes time and time again (like this.) Or alternatively, pre.vu Talking Message Tags can be used to cheer a friend in hospital or a distant relative who feels out of touch. Your pre-recorded sentiments will last long after the bouquet has withered or the chocolates have been eaten.

In fact, pre.vu Talking Message Tags let you personalise your feelings for almost every occasion from Valentines to Mothers Day and new arrivals to new home moves. Use them to surprise, say sorry or set the record straight. Their uses are as creative as your imagination.

Recording the message tags couldn't be easier. Just visit www.pre.vu and order online. You can either record the message on an automated phone line or direct from your computer. As soon as you are happy with your recording, you press the order button and the recorded tag is sent to your address or directly to the ultimate recipient.

The whole service, including postage and packaging, costs £5.50, and provides a priceless message that will last for months to come.

Source: webitpr

The iPhone Will Be a Primary Target for Hackers in 2008

Security predictions released today by Arbor Networks reveals that the iPhone will be a major target for cybercriminals in 2008. The forecast also highlights Chinese specific crime as a major issue for the New Year.

Arbor's Security and Engineering Response Team (ASERT), who have put together the forecasts, believe that the iPhone will become the victim of a serious attack in 2008. These assaults are likely to be in the form of drive by attacks – malware embedded into seemingly harmless information, images or other media that actually perform dangerous actions when rendered on the iPhone's Web browser. With the scrutiny the iPhone has received since its launch earlier this year over network lock-in, ASERT believes that hackers will be enticed by the possibility of attacking Apple users and the opportunity to "be the first" to hack a new platform.

ASERT has also predicted a rise in 'Chinese on Chinese' cybercrime. In the past year the team has seen a dramatic increase in the attention paid to Chinese-language specific software such as QQ Messenger and a number of malware samples focused on stealing users credentials. Arbor expects this trend to multiply in 2008 as more Chinese users come online, more software is written for the market and Chinese cybercriminals become increasingly more sophisticated and organised.

The Storm botnet is another vulnerability that ASERT believe will be prevalent in 2008. Although the Storm botnet has been quiet for some time, there are still tens of thousands of infected PCs around the world. Arbor believes this presents a too lucrative an opportunity to be passed up and anticipate a hacker hijacking the bots for their own gain in the New Year.

Spammers are highly motivated by financial gains and are not afraid to push technological boundaries to develop new attacks. Arbor envisages an attack that will eclipse the storm worm vulnerability that caused havoc in 2007 and in 2008 we will see a much larger, but similar (spam) botnet designed to target P2P networks.

"2007 was the year of the browser exploit, the data breach, spyware and the storm worm. We expect 2008 to be the year of the iPhone attack, the Chinese Hacker, P2P network spammers and the hijacking of the Storm botnet," said Jose Nazario, senior security engineer at Arbor Networks. "Online fraud is soaring and security attacks are now being used in countless and ever more sophisticated ways to both steal and launder money. Financial and other confidential data is being obtained, sold and utilised in the highly developed black market. In 2008 this market will continue to grow and it is important that business implement the processes and technology necessary to protect themselves and their customers."

Source: webitpr

Transcend Introduces Curvy Pure-White USB Flash Drive, JetFlash V33

Transcend today introduced its latest tiny USB flash drive – JetFlash V33. The V33 has a curved, ultra-compact body (60mm x 16.5mm x 8.1mm) and weighs only 7g. Its pure white color scheme is simple and cute, with a splash of color around its cap. The JetFlash V33 supports Windows Me / 2000 / XP / Vista, Mac OS 9.0 / OS X and Linux Kernel 2.4.2 or later, providing seamless data exchange between different operating systems.

The JetFlash V33 can be further enhanced with Transcend's useful JetFlash elite software package (available for download at http://www.transcendusa.com). JetFlash elite focuses on the needs of mobile computer users and is specifically developed to help manage your data and increase productivity while on the go. JetFlash elite includes eight handy functions: AutoLogin, PC-Lock, Mobile Favorites, Secret-Zip encryption, Mobile E-mail, DataBackup, Online Update and the My JetFlash browser. The versatile V33 is now available in 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB capacities, and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Product Features:

  • Fully Hi-Speed USB 2.0 compliant, compatible with USB1.0/1.1
  • Easy Plug and Play operation
  • Excellent build quality
  • Smooth, compact, comfortable shape easily slips into a pocket or purse
  • JetFlash elite Software pack includes:
    • Website AutoLogin: Automatically log in to your online accounts
    • PC-Lock: Use the JetFlash V33 as a key to lock your computer
    • Mobile Favorites: Browse your favorite websites wherever you go
    • Secret-Zip Function: Compress and password-protect files using powerful 256-bit AES Encryption
    • Mobile E-Mail: Use any computer to securely send, receive and save e-mails
    • DataBackup: Back up, restore and synchronize your mobile data
    • My JetFlash: A convenient way to access files on your JetFlash
    • Online Update:Update to the newest version of JetFlash elite
  • Driverless
  • USB powered. No external power or battery needed
  • Lifetime warranty

Source: TechMessenger

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ASUS Announces New Generation P5N-T Deluxe Motherboard with 3-Way SLI Technology

ASUS has announced the release of the ASUS P5N-T Deluxe motherboard that supports the NVIDIA nForce 780i SLI chipset, which, in turn, supports ESA (Enthusiast System Architecture), the open-standard PC monitoring and control protocol for real-time communication and control of system thermal, electrical, acoustic and operating characteristics. It also provides extreme performance with support for the latest 3-Way SLI technology and Dual PCI Express 2.0 x16 lanes; while the world's first ASUS EPU (Energy Processing Unit) digitally monitors CPU power supply and fine-tunes it with improved VRM efficiency in heavy or light loadings to attain the best possible power efficiency and energy savings to help save the environment. The P5N-T Deluxe also comes with Precision Tweaker 2 that offers super-fine adjustments to voltages for breaking brand new O.C records.

The NVIDIA 3-Way SLI (Scalable Link Interface) takes advantage of the increased bandwidth of the PCI Express 2.0 bus architecture and features intelligent hardware and software that allows three graphics cards to efficiently work together to deliver earth-shattering, scalable performance.

The ASUS-developed EPU is the first hardware-based on-demand power saving IC controller. This new generation automatic energy saving chip utilizes an innovative power technology to digitally monitor and fine-tune the CPU power supply with improved VRM efficiency in heavy or light loadings. By having real-time automatic detection of the CPU current, it can provide total control under any loading and attain the best possible power efficiency and fantastic energy savings to help save the environment – automatically providing users with more power for higher loadings, and saving up to 58.6% CPU power when the PC is running low intensity applications.

The industry-leading ASUS 3rd generation 8-phase VRM design provides up to which provides 7% enhanced power efficiency by utilizing high quality power components that include low RDS (on) MOSFETs for minimum switching loss & lower temperature, Ferrite core chokes with lower hysteresis loss, and high quality Japanese-made conductive polymer capacitors for longer component life and lower power loss that prolongs CPU lifespans.

Precision Tweaker 2 allows the user to adjust the NB Voltage, FSB termination Voltage, CPU PLL Voltage and the DRAM Voltage in 0.02v steps to finetune voltages to achieve the most precise setting for the ultimate customized overclocking configuration.


  P5N-T Deluxe P5N-D
CPU Intel LGA775 CPU
Support Intel next generation 45nm Multi-Core CPU
Intel LGA775 CPU
Support Intel next generation 45nm Multi-Core CPU
Chipset NVIDIA nForce 780i SLI NVIDIA nForce 750i SLI
Multiple VGA 3-Way SLI SLI
FSB 1333/1066/800 MHz 1333/1066/800 MHz
Memory Dual Ch. max. 8GB, DDR2-1066/800/667, non-ECC and un-buffered memory Dual Ch. max. 8GB, DDR2-1066/800/667, non-ECC and un-buffered memory
Storage 6 x SATA
1 x PATA
4 x SATA
1 x PATA
Audio 8ch HD 8ch HD
ASUS Proprietary Features ASUS EPU
ASUS 3rd Generation 8-Phase Power Design
Precision Tweaker 2
ASUS Q-Shield
Precision Tweaker 3
ASUS Q-Shield

Source: ASUS

PRNewswire: With Writers' Strike Side-Lining Shows, 50 Percent in New Poll Say They Are Turning to the Web

AUSTIN, Texas, Dec. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- With the television and film writers' strike showing no signs of letting up, Americans may be signaling a realignment of their entertainment viewing habits. In a poll released today by the Wi-Fi Alliance and Kelton Research, 50 percent of those surveyed report that, since the strike, they are either going online more often for entertainment or plan to do so.

On average, respondents stated that they now get 31 percent of their entertainment online, doing activities such as playing video games, listening to music, and watching movies or short videos. The survey polled U.S. Wi- Fi(R) users aged 18 - 55.

"The Wi-Fi users sampled in this poll provide a glimpse into the way consumers increasingly access news, information and entertainment," said Karen Hanley, senior director of the Wi-Fi Alliance, the global trade organization representing the Wi-Fi industry. "There are about 350 million Wi-Fi users worldwide, and that number continues to grow as Wi-Fi makes access even more convenient. Wi-Fi is a key technology in laptops, cell phones, game devices, MP3 players, printers, cameras and others."

Sixty-eight percent of those surveyed put Wi-Fi above YouTube(R), MySpace(R), Facebook(R) and iTunes(R) as the single technology having the most significant impact on their internet experience. Only Google scored higher, at 74 percent.

Among the other findings in the survey:

  --  Wi-Fi is a key item on people's holiday wish lists.  As consumers look
      to electronic toys for giving and receiving, 57 percent will look for
      Wi-Fi in a cellular phone, 30 percent will seek it in a music player,
      and 29 percent hope their gaming devices and digital cameras have it.

  --  During the holiday season, users will rely on Wi-Fi to stay in touch
      with friends and family while traveling (55 percent), work remotely to
      maximize family time (52 percent), and choose hotel accommodations (55

  --  Wi-Fi users have a special "sweet spot" for the technology, with 7 out
      of 10 saying they would give up chocolate before giving up Wi-Fi.

The poll, which fielded November 19 - 27 2007, surveyed 586 U.S. Wi-Fi users ages 18 - 55. The sampling variation in this survey is plus or minus 4.1 percentage points.

The Wi-Fi Alliance, which coined the term Wi-Fi, provides testing and certification programs to help deliver the best user experience with Wi-Fi technology. Holiday shoppers can find a comprehensive list of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED(TM) products and detailed information about next-generation 802.11n draft 2.0 at http://www.wi-fi.org/.

Source: PRNewswire

Super Talent Expands SSD Offering to include ZIF Socket

Super Talent Technology today announced a new line of Parallel ATA (PATA) 1.8-inch solid state drives (SSDs) that use a zero insertion force (ZIF) connector.

This new line of SSDs is offered in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacities. All these capacities are packaged in an industry standard form factor that is compatible with 1.8-inch ZIF hard drives. These drives support 30MB/second sequential read and write speeds, 0.1ms access speeds, have exceptional resistance to shock and vibration, and consume less than 1 watt of power when active. These drives are available in commercial (0C to 70C) and industrial (-40C to 85C) operating temperature ranges.

This new line includes the following products:

Part Number Description
FHD4GC18Z 1.8-inch 4GB PATA SSD with ZIF connector, 0C to 70C
FHD8GC18Z 1.8-inch 8GB PATA SSD with ZIF connector, 0C to 70C
FHD16GC18Z 1.8-inch 16GB PATA SSD with ZIF connector, 0C to 70C
FHD32GC18Z 1.8-inch 32GB PATA SSD with ZIF connector, 0C to 70C
FHD64GC18Z 1.8-inch 64GB PATA SSD with ZIF connector, 0C to 70C
SH4A5C18Y 1.8-inch 4GB PATA SSD with ZIF connector, -40C to 85C
SH8A5C18Y 1.8-inch 8GB PATA SSD with ZIF connector, -40C to 85C
SH16A5C18Y 1.8-inch 16GB PATA SSD with ZIF connector, -40C to 85C
SH32A5C18Y 1.8-inch 32GB PATA SSD with ZIF connector, -40C to 85C
SH64A5C18Y 1.8-inch 64GB PATA SSD with ZIF connector, -40C to 85C

"These new ZIF products make the benefits of Super Talent’s SSD technology available to a whole new set of users. The ZIF connector is ideal for rugged handheld computing devices", commented Super Talent Marketing Director, Joe James.

Super Talent’s SSDs are designed and manufactured in the company’s San Jose, California headquarters. Super Talent sells its SSDs directly to OEM customers worldwide. All these products are sampling now. Approximate OEM pricing for FHD32GC18Z is $790.

Source: Super Talent Technology

Intel Marks 60th Anniversary of the Transistor

Intel Corporation on Dec. 16 celebrates the 60th anniversary of the transistor, the building block of today's digital world. Invented by Bell Labs and considered one of the most important inventions of the 20th century, transistors are found in many consumer electronics and are the fundamental component used to build computer chips, or the "brains" of the personal computer (PC).

Intel, the world's largest manufacturer of computer chips, has recently introduced its 45 nanometer (nm) next-generation family of quad-core processors. Called the biggest transistor advancement in 40 years by Intel Co-Founder Gordon Moore, the processors are the first to use Intel's Hafnium-based high-k metal gate (Hi-k) formula for the hundreds of millions of transistors inside these processors. Introduced on Nov. 12 and continuing into the next few months, this latest innovation is enabling servers, everyday PCs and laptops to become smaller, faster, sleeker and more energy-efficient while also eliminating eco-unfriendly lead and, in 2008, halogen materials.

On April 19, 1965 Electronics Magazine published a paper by Moore in which he made a prediction about the semiconductor industry that has become the stuff of legend. Known as Moore's Law, his prediction states that the number of transistors on a chip doubles about every 2 years, enabling widespread proliferation of technology worldwide, and today it has become shorthand for rapid technological change.

Moore's Law not only predicts that computing technology will increase in value but at the same time would actually decrease in cost. The price of a transistor in Intel's newest chip family is about 1 millionth the average price of a transistor in 1968. If car prices had fallen at the same rate, a new car today would cost about one cent.

With its transistors turning on and off more than a trillion times per second, the Intel Core Duo processor can complete close to a billion calculations in the blink of an eye or finish 4 million calculations in the time it takes a speeding bullet to travel one inch. And the average power of an Intel Core Duo processor is less than 1.1 watts, which is significantly less than many familiar household appliances, such as a 100W light bulb.

Smaller and faster chips made possible by Intel's technology advancements benefit consumers lives by enabling improved performance, longer battery life, and sleeker, quieter and more energy-efficient PCs and laptops. If engineers continue Moore's Law and succeed in continuing to reduce the size of the transistor while increasing the speed, the world could expect amazing new innovations and applications such as real-time language translation and facial recognition, as well as enabling cars that take verbal commands to a destination.

For more information, visit the press kit at www.intel.com/pressroom/kits/events/60th_anniversary.

Source: Intel Corporation

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