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Photo of the day: GEIL´s DDR533 (PC4200) SDRAM in our lab

CPU RightMark 2003 beta4 is available for download

Daily mailbox: Tweaknews, Bjorn3D, I4U, K-Hardware, myWORLD Hardware, KEPTech, MonkeyReview, EOC

Philips Nike: sportive electronics

Elpida launches shipments of 1Gb PC3200 DDR SDRAM modules

RDT192S/RDT192S-BK: new 19" LCD monitors from NEC Mitsubishi Visual Systems

Canon aims at litho market leadership

Intel cuts desktop Celeron prices

Microsoft´s new mice — now with Tilt Wheel

VIA PT800-based motherboards to start shipping in August

Hitachi starts sampling 4GB Microdrive

Elpida Memory and PSC signed an official technology transfer agreement

ProLite E430T-S — new multimedia LCD-monitor/TV from iiyama

Photo of the day: GEIL´s DDR533 (PC4200) SDRAM in our lab

Our test lab has received new memory modules, this time they are 256 MB DDR533 (PC4200) SDRAM from GEIL. Timing of the DIMMs — 3-8-4-4. Although it is almost not seen on photo, DIMM´s box is made of thick plexiglas.

Here are the chips:

CPU RightMark 2003 beta4 is available for download

CPU RightMark 2003 project announced the new beta4 version of the benchmark for conducting objective performance measurements of existing and future CPUs in various computing tasks, including physical process computational modeling and 3D graphics computing. The primary purpose is CPU-RAM and FPU/SIMD benchmarking.

This beta4 has some bugfixes.

CPU RightMark 2003 beta4 is available for download here.

Daily mailbox: Tweaknews, Bjorn3D, I4U, K-Hardware, myWORLD Hardware, KEPTech, MonkeyReview, EOC

ATI TV Wonder VE Remote Control Edition Review @ Tweaknews.net

"Having a product that is cheap and so easy to install, the ATI TV Wonder Remote Control Edition is by far a great buy. For ~US$75, you can compliment your videocard with a whole multimedia suite that is simple to use and proven to work flawlessly. As I have said before, once you have TV on your computer, you will never be without it again."

Read more at Tweaknews.

VisionTek Xtasy 9800 Pro 128MB Review @ Bjorn3d.com

"In this review, I will compare the Xtasy 9800 Pro to the recently reviewed MSI GeForce FX 5900, which both have 128MB DDR. For testing, I used the following benchmarks and games: Futuremark´s 3DMark2001 SE — Build 330, 3DMark2003 — Build 330, Codecreatures Benchmark Pro, Unreal Tournament 2003, Gun Metal, Papyrus´ NASCAR 2003 and C&C Generals. In all tests, performance is set to "Quality" to create the best image quality."

Read more at Bjorn3D.

I4U News: MP3 SuperDisk Wrist Watch

"Most likely the MP3 Watch is manufactured in China. We found a japanese store that features the watch with some specification.
The Man Power SuperDisk MP3 Watch has a flash drive with 128MB and weighs 50g. MP3 file upload is via USB of course. Basically it is like the Laks USB Memory Watch with built-in MP3 Player Function — We like it!
The MP3 Player Watch sells for 15,800yen in Japan."

Read more at I4U.

Gainward / MSI FX 5600 (Ultra) Review @ K-Hardware

"With the GeForce FX 5600 boards from MSI and Gainward there popular mainstream boards on the market. We wrote a 11 pages review which includes the FX 5600 with 256MB memory from MSI and the overclocked FX 5600 Ultra from Gainward, for outperforming the 9600 Pro?"

Read more at K-Hardware.

Vantec Nexus NXP-101 & NXP-201 review @ myWORLD Hardware

"Modders and overclockers would normally spend tons of cash to cool down their systems with fans & cooling accessories. However the most overclockers lack control over their cooling fans and they have no idea what is going on in their computer without going through their system monitors running on the taskbar. Sometimes, one might want to turn down the noise generated by casing fans and maybe a much more convenient way..."

Read more at myWORLD Hardware.

SteelPad 4S — Gaming Mousepad @ KEPTech.net

"The gaming community is growing at a very fast pace. In the case of online gaming, there is competition – very strong competition. With online First Person Shooter games, all the players want the best rig to run their game smoothly; the best sound system to strategically locate the enemies, and the best mouse to quickly and accurately target them. If you have ever played any first person shooter games, you’ll know that the mouse is almost as important as the computer.
As the gaming community grows, more and more gamers demand better accuracy with their pointing devices. The general trend was going from ball mice to optical mice; however, some were starting to take the demand of accuracy from their mouse pads."

Read more at KEPTech.

I4U Review: FancyLogic 101 USB Flash Drive/MP3 Player Review

The nice folks from Fancylogic in Hongkong sent as another interesting small MP3 Player. Last time we reviewed the FancyLogic Napa 128MB MP3 Player. This time its the FancyLogic Techno Series 101. This Player is actually a 128MB USB Flash-Drive at its core. With the attachable Battery and control unit it becomes a MP3 Player and Voice Recorder. This is a pretty intriguing concept especially considered the low price tag.

Read more at I4U.

Chaintech Apogee A-FX71 Geforce FX5600 Ultra Ver2 @ MonkeyReview

"The results are enough to speak for themselves. I’m impressed with the overall performance and look of the Chaintech A-FX71 FX5600 Ultra v2. There is little doubt in my mind that the A-FX71 would look stellar in almost any environment that would allow it to be shown off. As mentioned at the start of this review, the card is a little more expensive than many of the budget cards available. The upshot is that you’re getting a fair amount for your money; a lucrative bundle combined with a high performing and good looking card."

Read more at MonkeyReview.

XTrac Zoom Mouse Pad @ EOC

"Mousing surfaces can be a big deal to the extreme gamer, especially in first person games where accuracy and precision is important. There are many types of mouse pads out there. Some are made of plastic, aluminum, and even glass. There are many different aspects that make a mouse pad good besides controlling the mouse. Durability, size, and maintenance are all factors that should be taken into consideration when buying a pad."

Read more at EOC.

Bjorn3D reviews the Samsung SyncMaster 192T

"While TFT monitors once both were expensive and unsuitable for gaming things have changed dramatically the last year. Today we have posted a review of the Samsung SyncMaster 192T. This 19" TFT monitor might not be aimed at the gamer but we still put it through the paces with both office applications and games and found it to be a very nice monitor."

Read more at Bjorn3D.

Philips Nike: sportive electronics

Today Philips and Nike launch sales of new consumer electronics devices for sports people, including CD and MP3 players and FM tuners.

All of these are developed with the consideration of sports specifics and have intuitive interface for comfortable volume control, track and frequency selection by touch.

New devices will be sold under the new Philips Nike trademark.

Elpida launches shipments of 1Gb PC3200 DDR SDRAM modules

Today Elpida launched shipments of its 1Gb Unbuffered DIMM PC3200 DDR SDRAM modules with and without ECC.

New 184-pin solutions with CAS=3 are based on 512Mbit DDR400 chips made using 0.11µm process. According to provisional information, volume shipments are scheduled to December 2003.

RDT192S/RDT192S-BK: new 19" LCD monitors from NEC Mitsubishi Visual Systems

In mid-September NEC Mitubishi Electric Visual Systems (NMV) plans to launch shipments of new 19" RDT192S/RDT192S-BK LCD monitors ("BK" stands for black body color).

Novelties support 1280x1024 (SXGA) resolution; feature 0.294mm dot pitch, 250cd/m² brightness, 600:1 contrast, 25ms response time, 170° vertical and horizontal viewing angle. Models have D-Sub and DVI-D connectors and consume 38W (2W in standby). Sized 416.3x205x388.7mm, they weigh 7.8kg. The MSRP for the Japanese market is $750.

Source: PC Watch

Canon aims at litho market leadership

Today in the morning the Dow Jones information channel reported that Canon officially announced plans for additional investments into the development and manufacture of the next-generation semiconductor production systems. By December 2005 the company plans to use about ¥100 billion (about $830 million) for the commercialization of new litho steppers. This means that ¥260 billion expenses planned for this year R&D will be increased by over ¥30 billion in 2003 and the next two years.

The current investment growth is a mirror to the growing ambitions of Canon, which seriously plans to lead the stepper makers list these years. If you remember, today the first is Dutch ASML Holding N.V., the second is Japanese Nikon, Canon being the third.

According to provisional information, Canon´s fresh finances will be used for developing steppers for 60nm and smaller chips. Besides this, the company plans to force the construction of the research center in the Tochigi prefecture, North Tokyo) as well as hire about 300 workers for the stepper production division, 250 of which will be nano optics and electronic technologies specialists and litho software developers. Currently this division provides work for over two thousands of professionals.

Intel cuts desktop Celeron prices

Yesterday Intel updated wholesale prices for OEM desktop Celerons.

The prices for the most powerful 2.60GHz chips were cut most – by 14%. It´s interesting that the wholesale price of 2.30GHz Celeron hasn´t changed from $79, so it´s now the same as the price of 2.40GHz models.

As usual below are prices for over 1,000-unit quantities.

Celeron Old price New price Cut, %
2.60GHz $103 $89 14%
2.50GHz $89 $83 7%
2.40GHz $84 $79 6%
2.20GHz $74 $69 7%
2.10GHz $74 $69 7%

Microsoft´s new mice — now with Tilt Wheel

As it is said at PC Web, Microsoft is ready to start selling new mice – with Tilt Wheel Technology. What is it for? For horizontal window scrolling!

According to Microsoft´s presentation, 8 out of 10 mice sold are equipped with scrolling wheel, and, as it showed internal research, users more often need horizontal scrolling feature implemented.

Here´s the explanation of the mechanism:

VIA PT800-based motherboards to start shipping in August

This might seem strange for the PT800 chipset officially announced a month and a half ago (on July 8). However, according to the Taiwanese industrial sources, there are reasons for this delay, as the announcement was mostly "paper", as VIA hadn´t launched the volume shipments until recently. They say the problem was about the VT8237 Southbridge compatibility, in particular, its Serial ATA controller.

It seems that all the final tests are passed, as Taiwan reports PT800-based boards to start shipping in August.

Just to revise: PT800 is a Pentium 4 chipset supporting single-channel DDR400 and 800MHz FSB. Intel has been dominating in this niche before, however Taiwanese chipset makers have all chances, as their 800MHz FSB will be cheaper by average $10 than the i865 series.

Source: The DigiTimes

Hitachi starts sampling 4GB Microdrive

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies started shipping qualification samples of its 4GB Microdrive to consumer product manufacturers worldwide (by the date companies, evaluating the drive are Blaupunkt, Kodak, Minolta Co., Ltd., Nikon, Olympus, Pentax Corporation, Sigma and Sony Corporation). As developer says, the one-inch diameter drive´s data transfer rate represents a 70 percent increase from the previous-generation Microdrive.

The new drive will use ultra-miniaturized components, including a new read-write head that is half the size of its predecessor and results in a 40 percent decrease in the height at which the head travels above the disk platter. The new head technology, called the femto slider head, opens up a next generation of head slider technology.

The Hitachi Microdrive 3K4 series (that is the oficial name of the drive) will available on retail shelves in major markets this November at a MSRP of $499.

Elpida Memory and PSC signed an official technology transfer agreement

Powerchip Semiconductor Corporation (PSC), a Taiwan-based leading memory company, and Elpida Memory Inc. (Elpida), a Japan-based memory company, jointly signed an official technology transfer agreement for 0.11, 0.10 and 0.09-micron technologies. The continued cooperation with Elpida in the new technology generations will help PSC early penetrating into advanced technologies and further building up its position in new technology era.

The total capacity of the 12-inch Fab of PSC is currently 15,000 wafers per month, applying 0.13- micron process technology for volume production. According to the agreement signed, PSC will implement Elpida’s 0.10-micron and 0.09 micron process in its 12-inch Fab, with the initial production of 0.10 micron processing in April of 2004 and mass production scheduled in October of 2004. The 0.09-micron technology process is scheduled to commence in early 2005.

PSC is entitled to develop, produce and sell its own products manufactured by Elpida’s updated process technologies for 256Mb, 512Mb and even 1G b DRAM products.

ProLite E430T-S — new multimedia LCD-monitor/TV from iiyama

Japanese iiyama according to German office report, announced new 17" LCD-monitor with built-in TV-tuner, the ProLite E430T-S will be in the shops in mid-September at a recommended retail price of ˆ599.

Display´s characteristics are as follows:

  • 450:1 contrast ratio
  • luminance of 300 cd/m2
  • response time of 16 ms

When used as a TV, the ProLite E430T-S boasts optimal picture quality (OPQ) and Ecomode features. A picture-in-picture function (PC/TV or PC/video/S-Video) even it to run PC applications and show TV programs simultaneously. As a full-featured multimedia solution, the ProLite E430T-S has 2 x 1.5-Watt stereo speakers and a remote control unit

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