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A travel digital camera, industrial revision

Sharp releases two notebook-liks PDAs: SL-C750 and SL-C760

Samsung SyncMaster 172W 17inch Widescreen TFT LCD Monitor Review @ Tweaknews.net

AMD: flash memory sales are not that bad

GigaByte 7VAXP-A Ultra @ Legion Hardware

Premier Series DDR: a new series of PC3500 modules from OCZ Technology

AOpen AK79D Max @ Bjorn3d.com

V@amp MPM-101: a portable MP3/MPEG-4 recorder/player with a TV tuner

Samsung SM-352B CDRW/DVD Combo Drive Review @ MonkeyReview

MSI announces 128Mb FX5900-TD128 (MS-8929)

Intel i875P "Canterwoord" Mainboard Roundup

Leadtek WinFast A350 Ultra TDH MyVIVO: based on GeForce FX 5900 Ultra

A travel digital camera, industrial revision

Its been almost a year since we posted the Travel camera article, in which our Vladimir Rodionov offered its own model of a travel pull-out digital camera. Now it turned out this idea has been industrially revised into Cambo Ultima 35 from Cambo International.

Just take a look:

Similar, arent they? :-)

Cambo Ultima 35 is degined for Kodak DSC Pro 14n and Canon EOS-12D digital cameras with full-sized sensors. The novelty transforms a 35mm studio cam into a photosystem capable of perspective control and focusing on objects which plans intersect the sensor plane. Cambo recommends to use Schneider Digital lens, with Hasselblad lens requiring an adapter. The system support any format lens with over focusing distance.

Currently they are developing a way to use non-full-frame Nikon D1, D100 and Fuji S2 Pro.

Again, our proprietary system has initially been designed for non-full-frame Canon D60 and D30 with over 45mm focusing lens of Kiev-88, a Hasselblad "bastard".

In UK Cambo Ultima costs 2.5 thousand pound, which is relatively low. Still, this considerably exceeds 2.5 thousand roubles, required to make our own prototype.

Source: ePhotoZine

Sharp releases two notebook-liks PDAs: SL-C750 and SL-C760

Sharp released two new Zaurus PDAs: SL-C750 and SL-C760 to arrive for sale for $516 and $603, respectively. They feature 3.7" and work under Linux OS.

Visually models differ by LCD border color only, with black on SL-C750 and white on SL-C760. Both devices are based on 400MHz XScale PXA255 and have 64Mb (30Mb free) flash and 64Mb SDRAM (SL-C750); 128Mb flash (65Mb free) and 64 SDRAM (SL-C760).

Both models feature CF TypeII and SD slots. Their batteries provide 8.5 hours (SL-C760) and 5 hours (SL-C750) of operation. Other improvements include faster web browsing, increased e-mail attachment size (2Mb vs. 800Kb of SL-C700), MPEG-4 playback support, VPN and IPsec support, etc. With an external monitor 800600@65K mode is supported.

SL-C750 dimensions are 120x83x18.6mm (220g weight); SL-C760 dimensions are 120x83x23.3mm (250g weight). SL-C760 is scheduled for sale from June 21, SL-C750 from May 24.

Source: ASCII24

Samsung SyncMaster 172W 17inch Widescreen TFT LCD Monitor Review @ Tweaknews.net

"Now the real surprise is gaming with this monitor. LCD monitor wise, I haven´t played on a better monitor than the 172W. The colours are sharp and vibrant, the contrast and brightness are great and guess what, THERE IS NO GHOSTING! I personally like gaming on a widescreen TFT LCD as I have done in the past and I would recommend this one if you are into LAN parties."

Read more at Tweaknews.

AMD: flash memory sales are not that bad

Forbes journalists have recently interviewed AMD executive director, Hector Ruiz. He informed that the fab in Austin, TX is working at full capacity, making flash memory chips for mobile handsets. While the rest of the semiconductor industry suffers a downturn, the demand for specific solutions remains high.

AMD is in unusual situation today. Early this year Intel, the closest rival, raised flash memory chips prices by 20%, believing the demand would grow. As a result customers turned to AMD, loading the Austin fab completely.

On the other hand, this allowed AMD to recover unsuccessfil CPU sales expenditures. In Q1 2003 this value was $715 million, 21% less than a year ago.

Top 10 flash memory suppliers Flash memory sales of 2002, $m Market value, $m
Intel 2,100 130,680
Samsung 1,000 40,530
Advanced Micro Devices 700 2,582
Toshiba 700 9,321
Sharp 700 12,596
STMicroelectronics 600 19,711
Fujitsu Limited 500 6,319
Mitsubishi 400 10,002
SandDisk 300 2,004
Hitachi Limited 300 13,446
Atmel / 1,199
Lexar Media / 401
Macronix International / 591
NEC / 6,128
Silicon Storage Technology / 339

Just to remind: AMD and Intel produce NOR-flash (along with Silicon Storage Technology, Atmel).

For other kind of flash chips the picture is not that clear. For example, NAND, used in cameras, audio player, PDAs, etc. According to IDC, if digital cameras sales are high, NAND chip sales will make 33.5 million units worldwide. This memory is made by Samsung, Toshiba, SanDisk and Hitachi as well as the new players like STMicroelectronics and Hynix Semiconductor.

And what about flash cards? According to Semico, these sales might grow up to $3.3 billion this year, with $12 billion coming in 2006. According to IDC, now an average flash card costs 45 cents per megabyte, and this is going to drop down to 10 cents in 2006.

Source: Forbes

GigaByte 7VAXP-A Ultra @ Legion Hardware

"The 7VAXP-A Ultra sports all the features an enthusiast could hope for such as RAID, Serial ATA, AGP 8X, DDR400, ATA133, USB 2.0, LAN and 6-Channel Audio. While the board could feature a better audio solution and possibly Gigabit LAN the current list of features is quite adequate. The boards performance and stability was also excellent however, the performance gains over previous 7VAXP boards are questionable."

Read more at Legion Hardware.

Premier Series DDR: a new series of PC3500 modules from OCZ Technology

OCZ Technology announced another overclockers family of memory modules Premier Series DDR.

OCZ Premier Series includes 256Mb and 512Mb 184-pin Unbuffered PC3500 solutions with 2.5-4-4 2T timings, based on individually selected/tested 217MHz DDR433 chips. New modules are made on shielded Ultra Low Noise PCB and require 2.6V. According to the press release, to maintain a suitable price OCZ Premier Series DDR are shipped without heat-sinks.

AOpen AK79D Max @ Bjorn3d.com

"My overall experience with the AOpen´s AK79D Max has been somewhat frustrating with a few highlights. The frustrating part was getting it and Windows XP and the nForce2 drivers to play nicely together. Since all that was settled, the board has been very stable and reliable — no lockups or other problems. It certainly is a feature-laden board due to its nForce2 chipset, and plenty of tweaks are offered in the BIOS, like one megahertz CPU stepping. Also, AOpen has done a nice job with extra software utilities that add a little flare to their motherboards."

Read more at Bjorn3D.

V@amp MPM-101: a portable MP3/MPEG-4 recorder/player with a TV tuner

NH Japan announced that in June it will launch sales of the new V@amp MPM-101 audio/video MP3/MPEG-4 player with a TV tuner and a digital camera.

This miniature soapbox-sized device bases on 32-bit RISC processor; features 2.5" color LCD, 510x492 CMOS digicam, 32/64/128/256/512Mb SD slot, TV tuner, pull-out TV antenna; supports MPEG-4, MP3 recording/playback and JPEG image browsing. The device is connected to PC via a USB cradle/charger.

TV and video recording resolution is carried out at QVGA (320x240) resolution and SuperFine (764kbps/13fps), Fine (512kbps/13-15fps), Normal (384kbps/10fps), Economy (256kbps/8fps) and Super Economy (128 kbps/5.5-7fps) modes. Buit-in Li-Ion batteries provide an hour of recording or 2.5 video playback.

V@amp MPM-101 dimensions are 99x71x18mm, weight 150g. In Japan it should cost about $375.

Source: MyWeb

Samsung SM-352B CDRW/DVD Combo Drive Review @ MonkeyReview

"There is no shortage of read formats when it comes to the SM-352B. The drive specs that are listed on the box and from Nero clearly state that this drive will essentially read all media other than DVD+R/+RW. I was able to test this as I still had some of the media that Id used from the Plextor PX-504A DVD burner review and Im happy to say that I was able to read the DVD+R disk that we had made during our testing. Of course your mileage will vary as this is not an official supported format."

Read more at MonkeyReview.

MSI announces 128Mb FX5900-TD128 (MS-8929)

MSI officially announced the complete family of NVIDIA GeForce FX 5900 solutions: GeForce FX 5900 Ultra, FX 5900 and FX 5900 Value.

All new cards will have dual-sided MSI TWIN FLOW cooling system for maximum performance and stability.

The photos below show FX5900-TD128 (MS-8929) card. Its interesting that it doesnt occupy the neighbouring PCI slot as well. 8 DDR chips on the back side are absent leaving the solution with only 128Mb memory.

As FX5900-TD128 bases on GeForce FX 5900, GPU/memory clock rate will be 425/425MHz, respectively.

Source: DarkCrow

Intel i875P "Canterwoord" Mainboard Roundup

"Hard Tecs 4U have just posted our latest review, an i875P motherboard roundup on 43 pages, including the i875P boards from ASUS, Intel, EPoX, MSI and AOpen".

Read more at Hard Tecs 4U.

Leadtek WinFast A350 Ultra TDH MyVIVO: based on GeForce FX 5900 Ultra

Leadtek posted the first info about the new NVIDIA GeForce FX 5900-based family of graphics cards to be released.

The highest-end WinFast A350 Ultra TDH MyVIVO will be based on GeForce FX 5900 Ultra with 256Mb 256-bit DDR, 850MHz (DDR) clock rate. The card will feature analog, DVI and TV connectors, will support VIVO, like all top-end MyVIVO solutions. Bundled software includes Ulead Video studio SE DVD Ulead cool 3D SE, WinFast PVR, WinFastDVD, WinFox II, Cult 3D, Coloreal Embedded, Coloreal Visual, Coloreal Bright, Gun Metal, Big Mutha Truckers.

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