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Time to pull belts: Samsung and LG intend to raise TFT LCD prices...

Pocket PC V35: ViewSonic´s stylish

PC case modding from Overclocker Warehouse and MonkeyReview: add light!

Crucial PC2700 DDR333 Memory Review by TweakNews

Gigi GeForce FX5800. Albatron´s variant

AMD cuts prices for most Athlon XPs

Intel: new 3.06GHz Xeon, new prices, new stepping P4

Time to pull belts: Samsung and LG intend to raise TFT LCD prices...

Those who hasnít yet gotten an LCD monitor, but willing to do this, should hurry: according to Korean sources, Samsung Electronics and LG-Philips LCD, which own 40% of the market, has recently decided to raise prices.

The reason Ė increased LCD panel demand. This growth was noticed as far back as in late 2002, when even 15" panels suffered deficit. Prices wonít radically jump, 3% — 5% monthly growth expected.

Today 15" wholesale prices are lying in $170-180 range, 17" panels are offered for $260-270 wholesale. In other words, do not expect over $10 increase. I donít want to exaggerate, as new 5G fabs are to be launched, however, itís hard to predict the end of the current price growth. So, stay tuned weíll keep you informed.

Source: Nikkei Net

Pocket PC V35: ViewSonic´s stylish

ViewSonic Pocket PC V35 has gained attention before its release. Being light, it also costs $300 and itís good for a Pocket PC device, isnít it?

Specifications: 300MHz Intel Xscale, 64Mb RAM (36.45Mb free), 32Mb flash ROM (5.2Mb free); Secure Digital slot, 320x240@65K reflective LCD display.

This light device (122x77x12.5 mm, 114 g) has a thought-out design. Upper body part is made of duralumin alloy, bottom part Ė of plastic. Navigation provided by a telescopic stylus, jog wheel and a directional joystick (w/o OK position though).

This device is on the level of Mitac MIO338 and Rover PC P3, differing by higher 300MHz clock speed instead of others´ 200MHz.

Source: ITC.ua Test Lab

PC case modding from Overclocker Warehouse and MonkeyReview: add light!

"Nocturnal Raid´s lighting will be taken care of with a combination of two UV (black) lights and two blue lights. Each light is going to be connected to an individual rocker switch and mounting it at the front of the case. This way, we´ve got 3 ´modes´ of lighting to choose from — normal, blue, and stealth." More at Overclocker Warehouse.

"Little puny LEDís, eh? I think not. The light emitted by the Lazer Leds is extremely bright; I didnít think my camera was even capable of capturing them in all their brightness! While the Lazer Leds seemed to provide just enough light for my case, if you have a larger one, consider two Lazer Leds, as one may not illuminate your whole case. Also, I ran the Lazer Leds overnight, and when I checked it in the morning, the light was not heated at all." More at MonkeyReview

Crucial PC2700 DDR333 Memory Review by TweakNews

"Being one of the most crucial "pardon the pun" components in your computer, good ram is needed for system stability, optimal performance and successful overclocking adventures. Throughout my computer building and testing experience, a slow, poor quality stick of ram can sap away motherboard and cpu speed and render you computer more or less untweakable. Today I will be looking at Crucial´s pc2700 DDR333 ram and putting it through its paces. Crucial memory has been touted as being one of the best ram manufacturers in the world with great memory and customer service. Let´s see if they live up to their name..."

Read more at TweakNews.

Gigi GeForce FX5800. Albatron´s variant

Among large NVIDIA partners only Albatron Technology was silent about new-generation graphics card releases. But yesterday we got to know that it prepares to ship Gigi GeForce FX5800 on GeForce FX5800 GPU. In other words, Albatron will ship only 400/800 MHz model.

Like similar solutions this one supports AGP 8X, has 128Mb DDR II. Unlike many boring press releases, this one was interesting as Albatron had given a name to that NV30 fairie Ė Gigi, so sheís Italian now :).

The card itself also features integrated NTSC/PAL TV encoder, analog and DVI connectors, VIVO. Albatron´s new cards are expected closer to mid-March.

AMD cuts prices for most Athlon XPs

AMD has also cut wholesale (>1,000 units) prices for desktop and mobile Athlon XP and Duron processors. Some of entries now cost twice as less.

Itís pleasant to see the prices were cut for the most popular chips as well. It seems the company will do anything to hold its market share until 64-bit models are released. And judging from this table and newer prices, it has every reason for it.

P.S. Naturally, the fresh Barton chips are not to get cheaper yet. And for some reason official table doesnít state Barton-based Athlon XP 2500+. Isnít this strange?..

Old price
New price
Athlon XP
Athlon MP
Mobile Athlon XP for desktops
Mobile Athlon XP
Mobile Duron

Intel: new 3.06GHz Xeon, new prices, new stepping P4

While we were watching Californian IDF 2003, Intel made some updates on its website, related to things closer then future solutions.

First of all, another price cut dated to February 23. As you can see, it mostly touches mainstream Pentium 4 chips. Second, without additional press releases Xeon line was updated with 3.06GHz model.

Prices for over 1,000-unit quantities.

Pentium 4, FSBOld priceNew priceCut
3.06GHz, 533MHz $637$5898%
2.80GHz, 533MHz $401$3756%
2.66GHz, 533MHz $305$24121%
2.60GHz, 400MHz $305$24121%
2.53GHz, 533MHz $243$19321%
2.50GHz, 400MHz $243$19321%
2.40GHz, 533MHz $193$16316%
2.40GHz, 400MHz $193$16316%
2.26GHz, 533MHz $193$16316%
2.20GHz, 400MHz $193$16316%
Xeon, FSB 
3.06GHz, 533MHz -$722-
2.80GHz, 533MHz $455$4550%
2.80GHz, 400MHz $433$4330%
2.66GHz, 533MHz $337$28416%
2.60GHz, 400MHz $326$27316%
2.40GHz, 533MHz $234$20911%
2.40GHz, 400MHz $224$19812%
2.20GHz, 400MHz $224$19812%

More to this, Intel updated Pentium 4 specs. Stepping C1 is now replaced with D1. Exactly this core will support 800MHz FSB. Besides, core CPUID changed from 0F27h to 0F29h; 2.80GHz chip will now feature VID 1.525V, 1.5V, 1.475V; 3.06GHz one — VID 1.55V, 1.525V, 1.5V, 1.475V. And the 800MHz FSB id contact is AE26.

As Canterwood and Springdale are to be announced soon, I guess the above info will come in handy within a couple of weeks.

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