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Mobile handset shipments: forecasts for 2003

Sanyo Electric announces new DVD/CD logic supporting DVDR/RW

NEC Mitsubishi releases 20.1" RDT201H LCD monitor

Jenoptik Germany introduces 5-megapixel Jenadigital JD 5200z3

RoverScan ships 15" Futura LCD monitor

OCZ Technology brings in Gladiator 2 and Dominator 2 CU coolers

IBM PowerPC 970: new details

Flexis announces fxCUBE-Bluetooth keyboard

NVIDIA nForce2 featured in Chaintech Apogee series

Updated test results of AMD Athlon64 with 1Mb L2 cache

Mobile handset shipments: forecasts for 2003

Market forecast publication is a usual thing and also the main business for some companies. But today we introduce an unusual summary: instead of the single-company forecast for various markets, these are various companies´ forecasts for the single market.

Its very interesting to look at the opinions of various analysis firms, especially in a year to see who was right. And now you can see that the most optimistic analysts work for Merrill Lynch. :)

Forecasted volume of the mobile market in 2003
Company Volume (million units)
Nikko Salomon Smith Barney 415
Gartner 420
Samsung Electronics 435
Credit Suisse First Boston (CSFB) 436
Nokia 440
Merrill Lynch 474

Source: The DigiTimes

Sanyo Electric announces new DVD/CD logic supporting DVDR/RW

Sanyo Electric announced the new LC897390K chip a universal DVDR/RW controller supporting HD-BURN (Sanyos proprietary technology, enabling to double the CD-R/RW recording capacity). The chip contains the CD-R/RW, CD-ROM, DVD, ATIP/ADIP/LPP logic, digital servodrive stabilizer and ATAPI interface.

LC897390K is designed for creating devices supporting up to 5x DVDR/RW recording, 40x CD-R recording, 16x DVD and 48x CD-ROM reading. It also supports the BURN-PROOF buffer protection.

LC897390K (from 3000 yens ($25) wholesale) is made using the 0.25-micron CMOS process technology and packaged into 256-pin LQFP. The samples are already being shipped, the volume production has been scheduled to January 2003.

Source: ASCII24

NEC Mitsubishi releases 20.1" RDT201H LCD monitor

Late in December NEC Mitubishi Visual Systems is to start shipping the new slim-edge (16mm) 20.1" UXGA LCD monitor — RDT201H.

The monitor has 20.1" 1600x1200 (UXGA) LCD panel with 0.255-mm pixel pitch, 250 cd/m² brightness, 350:1 contrast ratio, 25-ms response time, 176 vertical and horizonal viewing angle, 31.5-91.1kHz hf and 50-85Hz vf. The monitor has analog and DVI-D connectors. The dimensions are 442x200x366.3 mm, weight 10.5 kg. The approximate price in the Japanese retail is about $2150.

Source: PC Watch

Jenoptik Germany introduces 5-megapixel Jenadigital JD 5200z3

Jenoptik Germany introduced the 5-mp Jenadigital JD 5200z3 digital still camera.

Camera specifications:

  • CCD: 1/1.8" 5.2mp
  • Lens: AF, 3x optical, 2x digital zoom
  • Focal length: 8-24 mm (38-114 mm in 35-mm equiv.)
  • Focus range: 40 cm inf. (normal), 8-40 cm (macro)
  • Resolutions: 2560x1920, 1600x1200, 1280x960, 640x480 (VGA), voice comments
  • Movie: 320x240, w/sound
  • ISO: Auto, 100, 200, 400
  • Media: Compact Flash, up to 256Mb (32Mb card supplied)
  • Compression: Exif 2,1 (JPEG), DCF, DPOF 1.0
  • VF: optical
  • LCD display: 1.8"
  • White balance: manual, auto
  • Exposure: 2-1/500 s
  • Timer: 10 s
  • Built-in flash: auto, on/off, auto + red eye reduction, night mode
  • Video out: PAL, NTSC
  • Interfaces: USB,CF Card
  • Power: 4xAA
  • Dimensions: 116x73x62 mm
  • Weight: 280 g (w/o batteries)

Source: DC Views

RoverScan ships 15" Futura LCD monitor

These days RoverScan started the shipments of the new 15" RoverScan Futura LCD monitor with the transparent edging and blue controls backlight.

Monitor specifications:

  • Panel: 15" TFT, 16.7 million colors, color filter: pixel RGB vertical stripe
  • Screen size: 304.1x228.1 mm
  • Max. resolution: 1024768
  • Max. brightness: 250 cd/m
  • Contrast: 400:1
  • Response time: 20 ms
  • Built-in stereo speakers
  • Viewing angle: 100 vertical and 120 horizontal
  • Line scan: 30-60 kHz
  • Frame scan: 50-75Hz
  • Interface: VGA (15 D-Sub)
  • Energy consumption: <36W, standby — <8W
  • Retail price: about $420

OCZ Technology brings in Gladiator 2 and Dominator 2 CU coolers

OCZ Technology Group announced new CPU coolers: OCZ Gladiator 2 and Dominator 2 CU.

The new OCZ Gladiator 2 bases on the previous OCZ Gladiator and is designed for Socket 370 or Socket A (up to Athlon XP 3100+, according to the press release). The copper heat-sink features more fins than the predecessor. The dimensions are 62x70x44 mm.

More details are provided about the second cooler — Dominator 2 CU.

The copper-base Dominator 2 CU is designed for Socket 370 and Socket A (up to Athlon XP 3000). Heat-sink fins are processed using the special texturing technology. The dimensions are 62x70x44 mm. The max. speed of the Whisper Quiet ball-bearing solution (up to 40 dB*A) is 5300RPM, voltage 12V, dimensions are 60x10 mm. The cooler creates 25 cfm airflow, 0.18 inch-H2O static pressure.

IBM PowerPC 970: new details

Initially announced by IBM Microelectronics in October at the Microprocessor Forum, the new PowerPC 970 caused a significant response in the press and industry. Not often you see the desktop low-end 64-bit chip close to Power4 used in IBM Regatta servers (PowerPC 970 will feature one core unlike the dual-core Power4). Besides, the new processor seamlessly supports the 32-bit software and 32-bit operating systems like Linux, Unix, or Apple Mac OS X. At the same time, the 64-bit addressing, similar to AMD Hammer, will enable the transition to 64-bit OS and apps in the future. The interest raised even higher after it has become known about the possibility of using PowerPC 970 in the next-generation Apple desktops.

In addition to the MPF 2002 story, IBM posted more details about PowerPC 970 on its website. Having compiled this data, we can state the following features:

  • Basic design: IBM PowerPC POWER4
  • Initial clock of the first IBM PowerPC 970: 1.8GHz (H2 2003)
  • Computing method: 64-bit core with Altivec extended vector instructions for multimedia and parallel (up to 16 chips) systems
  • 64Kb instruction cache, 32Kb data cache
  • 512Kb L2 cache
  • PowerPC 970 crystal size: 118 sq.mm (Northwood Pentium 4 131 sq.mm)
  • 32/64-bit architecture support: the special flag enables the 32-bit mode and high instruction and data bits are ignored. In both (32/64-bit) modes CPU performs up to 8 instructions/clock. All 32-bit PowerPC specifications remain the same
  • Handling up to 5 instructions/clock (including 1 branching), up to 8 instructions/clock in the processing queue.

  • Extended PowerPC instruction set, including 162 SIMD (Single-Instruction, Multiple Data) instructions
  • Elastic I/O interface bus clock: up to 900MHz, performance: up to 6.4Gb/s
  • Process technology: 0.13-micron on 300-mm silicon wafers with SOI (East Fishkill, NY, IBM fab; to be moved to 90-nm process in H2 2003)
  • Future plans: raising the clock over 2GHz, releasing lower-power PowerPC 970 for notebooks

Flexis announces fxCUBE-Bluetooth keyboard

Korean Flexis, specializing in elastic roll-up keyboards, announced the shipments of one more novelty with Bluetooth capabilities.

3-layer fxCUBE-Bluetooth features 86 buttons, black body, has 320x110x2.5 mm dimensions and weighs just 180 g, consuming 10 mA.

According to developers you can even wash this damp- and dust-proof device, though having covered the connectors in the upper left corner. Its interesting that fxCUBE-Bluetooth can be coiled up into a compact roll due to its 2.5-mm thickness and flexible design.

NVIDIA nForce2 featured in Chaintech Apogee series

As you remember, at the joint presentation Chaintech, NVIDIA and AMD announced the top-end Zenith motherboard on NVIDIA nForce2 — Chaintech 7NJS along with several cheaper Chaintech nForce2 boards: ATX 7NIL, 7NIF and ATX 7NJL, designed only for system builders. But it was pleasant to get to know from ASCII24 weekend news that nForce2-based Chaintech 7NJL1 was noticed in retail in Tokyo with smaller bundle (Apogee)!

The board features nForce2-ST Northbridge. 7NJL1 has AGP 8x slot, 6 PCI slots, 3 DIMM sockets, integrated 6-ch. audio, etc. Comparing to 7NJS, this board lacks only Serial ATA and ATA RAID.

Naturally, the bundle includes all Apogee accessorries: gilded connectors and proprietary cooler, Body Theater headphones, CBOX bay, round cables, etc. As for the price, in various shops 7NJL1 is offered for 15680-15800 yens (about $130 $132).

Considering slightly higher Japanese prices for novelties and the Apogee comprehensive bundle, I can suppose that, first, NForce2 boards can actually compete with boards on VIA chipsets; second, the retail price can in time reach $100 and even below (not speaking of OEM versions). Besides, the presence of nForce2 in the Chaintech´s mid-end can become a kind of allusion to the satisfactory quantity of such chipsets and to their future mainstream character.

Source: ASCII24

Updated test results of AMD Athlon64 with 1Mb L2 cache

British The Inquirer, referring to the paper version of German c´t, posted the results of 1.2GHz Athlon64 prototype, 1.2GHz Athlon XP and 2.2GHz Pentium 4 comparative testing. The Athlon 64 (Clawhammer) features 1Mb L2 cache, Athlon XP 256Kb L2 cache, 2.2GHz Pentium 4 512Kb L2.

Below are test results from Bapco Sysmark 2002, SPECfp base 2000 and SPECint base 2000:

Bapco Sysmark:
Athlon 64 — 178
Athlon XP — 145
Pentium 4 — 217

SPECfp base 2000:
Athlon 64 — 674
Athlon XP — 504
Pentium 4 677

SPECint base 2000:
Athlon 64 — 739
Athlon XP — 532
Pentium 4 — 774

The test software included DivX 5.02, PovRay 3.5 and 3.1, Aquamark and Linux Kernel 2.4.

Update — more detailed test results (according to AMD Zone):

Athlon 64
1.2 GHz
Athlon XP
1.2 GHz
Pentium 4
2.2 GHz
L1 cache 64Kb + 64Kb 64Kb + 64Kb 8Kb + ops
L2 cache 1Mb 256Kb 512Kb
Memory PC2700 PC2700 PC2100
Test results
3DMark 2001 8753 7601 9008
Quake III /1024x768x16 225.3 fps 172.4 fps 218.9 fps
Aquamark 49.5 fps 48.3 fps 51.5 fps
Commanche 4 36.6 fps 28.4 fps 36.3 fps
Cinebench 2000
Shading C4D
18.8 CB 12.4 CB 17.2 CB
Raytracing 20.4 CB 16.9 CB 22.4 CB
PovRay 3.5 251 PPS 242 PPS 333 PPS
PovRay 3.1 1037 PPS 948 PPS 1219 PPS
DivX 5.02 569 709 497
Xvid 750 929 717
Sysmark2002 178 145 217
Linux Kernel 2.4 161 222 166
SpecFP_Base2000 674 504 677
SpecInt_Base2000 739 532 774

Source: The Inquirer

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