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AMD A10-5800K APU Graphics Part

A10-5800K is a top APU of the new AMD Virgo-based desktop series codenamed Trinity. Recently, we have run a significant number of tests on A10-5800K, engaging the processor part only. Now let's focus on the GPU part of the novelty and compare it with these of the previous generation AMD APUs.


Processor A4-3400 A6-3500 A6-3650 A8-3870K A10-5800K
Core Llano Llano Llano Llano Trinity
Core clock (std/max), GHz 2.7 2.1/2.4 2.6 3.0 3.8/4.2
RAM 2 x DDR3-1600 2 x DDR3-1866 2 x DDR3-1866 2 x DDR3-1866 2 x DDR3-1866
GPU Radeon HD 6410D Radeon HD 6530D Radeon HD 6530D Radeon HD 6550D Radeon HD 7660D
Number of stream processors 160 320 320 400 384
GPU clock (std/max), MHz 600 443 443 600 800

As in the CPU part research, our protagonists are A10-5800K and A8-3870K—the top FM2 and FM1 models respectively. As we see, the number of stream processors has decreased, due to moving from VLIW5 to VLIW4 architecture: earlier the fifth block was hardly used, so it has been removed. However, AMD justifies the decrease by some architecture improvements and clock rate boost: A10 offers the record 800 MHz constant clock rate (Turbo Core 3.0 for GPU is used only in mobile APUs).

To provide a better coverage of AMD APUs, we've also engaged one A4 and two A6 models. The testbed uses AMD Catalyst 12.8.


The tests for integrated graphics include five groups. 3D Modeling and Games are the same as of our reference test method. To give integrated graphics a better chance we also perform the Games testing group at low resolution and quality settings accordingly. From the reference Mathematical and Engineering Computations group we've removed MAPLE и MATLAB, because they do not use GPU. Though this set of benchmarks has therefore become the same as of 3D Modeling, we leave them both, representing the CPU score for the Mathematical and Engineering Computations and the GPU score for the 3D Modeling group of tests (still, both the testing groups have certain requirements to both the processor and graphics). Finally, we've added high-resolution video playback as a benchmark tool.

The scores on diagrams are relative to that of our reference testbed that always scores 100 points. As for integrated graphics, it's based on Celeron G540 and Radeon HD 6450 512MB. Detailed (absolute) results are provided in this summary.

3D Modeling

This group of tests is not graphics-demanding, therefore, the resulting bars form a kind of stairs, with the newest APU in the bottom; however, A4 has outperformed A6, because 3D Modeling is poorly-threaded at the same time.

Bear in mind: in this group of Intel HD Graphics tests the leader was Core i5-3570K (HD Graphics 4000) with 86 points, and Core i7-2700K, having HD Graphics 3000, scored only 73, even less than AMD A4-3400.

Mathematical and Engineering Computations

Here the influence of GPU is even smaller, so the story repeats itself. Note: A10-5800K outperforms not only A8-3870K, but also the reference "Celeron G540 + Radeon HD 6450 512 MB" configuration.

Alien vs. Predator

The game is very GPU-demanding, so it makes no difference between the two A6 APUs and shows bad results at high quality settings. However, the progress of A10 is significant—more than 25%

Here all the desktop APUs can handle (and some mobile, by the way—E-450 and E2-1800 show >30 fps). A10-5800K is two times faster than A4-3400 and keeps the advantage over the previous generation.

Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY Edition

Only A4 failed to reach 30 fps. The A6 scores are hardly enough for gaming, but A10-5800K comes close to the comfortable 60 fps. Obviously, the new-APU users can enjoy all the games based on Unreal Engine 3.5 and below.

The importance of CPU part is growing, so we face a noticeable gap between the two A6 APUs, on the contrary to the previous game.

Crysis: Warhead x64

The mighty Crysis does not surrender to integrated graphics, though A10 climbs close to 20 fps—much better than 10.9 fps of the best Intel HD graphics.

Of course, when we decrease quality settings, the problems disappear completely. If to compare with the recent Intel HD graphics tests, Core i5-3570K here stands between A8-3870K and A10-5800K.

F1 2010

The F1 engine includes some kind of "artificial intelligence", which does its best to increase the fps level up to 12.5. However, it's not enough: though F1 doesn't offer a dynamic gameplay, for a comfortable gaming you'll need 20-25 fps at least, which only A10 is able to reach here. Of course, 30 fps would be better, but even the discrete Radeon HD 6670 can't beat it.

Though the number of fps is satisfying, we can see, that two normal or even three slow threads are not enough for F1—but with four cores or two modules we can expect a perfect gaming.

Far Cry 2

Radeon HD 7660D, a graphics part of A10-5800K, is the first integrated GPU to beat 30 fps, with 8,5 fps for extra confidence; Radeon HD 6550D (A8-3870K) lacks a tiny half-fps.

A10 beats the 60-fps barrier—mission impossible for the previous APU generations. Because of the game being processor-hungry, Intel Core i7 and i5 processors with HD 3000 and 4000 onboard have managed to beat 60 fps earlier as well, but, anyway, the new AMD APU looks more attractive due to its lower price.

Metro 2033

A stress test for both integrated and low-range discrete graphics, so we just pay attention at 20% boost of A10 and moderate our appetite.

Even at low quality settings the results of A4-3400 are poor, and A6-3500 is not far enough. Only starting from A6-3650 (or Intel HD 3000/4000) you can have affordable gaming.

Overall Score and Final Thoughts

The results are predictable: nearly 25% performance boost of the new-generation A10-5800K—an outstanding progress for integrated graphics, especially if comparing with Intel HD. However, discrete solutions are still out of reach: Radeon HD 7660D is 15% behind HD 6750. If we search for a similar configuration among AMD Dual Graphics solutions, a duo of integrated HD 6550D and discrete HD 6450 with total 240 points will fit the best—now you can afford the same performance with a single A10-5800K APU.

Comparing to the previous APU generations, the progress has decreased. Due to the better CPU part, A10-5800K here shows the same results as Pentium G620 with discrete HD 6570.

Let's summarize. Radeon HD 7660D, the graphics part of the new AMD A10-5800K APU, continues the progress and brings no surprises: as Radeon HD 6550D of the top Llano APUs, it performs on par with some low-range discrete GPUs, but fails to beat Radeon HD 6570/7570, though having a higher model number. Well, at least, the gap has decreased. With the new APU, AMD keeps the two-level advantage over Intel HD Graphics, which has recently achieved the AMD A6 performance level. As we've concluded before, AMD Virgo proves to be competitive, though not revolutionary microarchitecture.

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