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palmOne Tungsten T5: the Mixture as Before



palmOne disappointed even its fans with the new model. Quite a contrary move was expected from this company — a worthy answer to the new wave of Pocket PC with VGA displays. New OS version (Cobalt), built-in WiFi module. But we get a regular Palm device instead, incompatible with a noticeable part of old software, with a built-in memory drive, which is erased at hard reset.

This device is frankly weak. For the sum of money, which palmOne wants to get from customers, one can buy a Pocket PC with two wireless interfaces, two expansion slots, exchangeable battery, and bugs-free software.

Tungsten T5 can boast of the time it may lie in a storeroom without losing the data in its memory. But an SD card will be much cheaper, it will have considerably larger capacity and the data on this card won't disappear after hard reset.

palmOne will be able to achieve success on the market with this model, only if it considerably drops the price (at least to $300). Otherwise old models (Zire 72, Tungsten T3) may be much more advantageous purchases.




We express our thanks to palmOne for the provided handheld.

Maxim Fedorov (dane@ixbt.com)
December 3, 2004

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