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3Digest, April 2007
ATI RADEON X1650 PRO 256MB (590/1380 MHz) (former X1600 XT)

This GPU is presented by the reference ATI RADEON X1650 PRO 256MB (590/1380 MHz) (former X1600 XT), PCI-E.


  • ATI RADEON X1600 XT GPU, 590 MHz core clock;
  • Pixel processors: 12
  • Vertex processors: 5
  • Texture processors: 4
  • ROPs: 4
  • 1.25ns fetch indicates 800 (1600) MHz, but the memory operates at 690 (1380) MHz. 128-bit bus;
  • Peak fill rate in the multitexturing mode is 7080 megapixels/sec and 2360 megatexels/sec.

Theoretical and analytical videocard reviews, containing functional analysis of ATI graphics cards

By the end of the month the product costs $90-100, supports DirectX 9.0, including Shaders 3.0. A Lower Middle-End card.

PCI-E x16. 256MB GDDR3 SDRAM in 8 Samsung chips.

On April 15, 2007 the latest drivers from ATI were CATALYST 7.4 for Windows XP.

Andrey Vorobiev (Anvakams@ixbt.com)

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