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Video compression performance test packet support page 

Attention! At the bottom of the page are direct links to software and files required for the latest version of the test packet. If it turns out that some of them do not work, please, email us

Version 2.0 beta 2 (of 21.12.2003, video-2.0-b2.exe, 1.17 MB)

  • Much more stable beta version: errors in operation of the Canopus ProCoder and Cinema Craft Encoder SP subtests which caused failure in some situations are corrected now. 
  • Defragmentation added. 
  • Disc cache reset added. 
  • Preliminary caching of the file encoded added. 
  • Executable file renamed (ixbt-ottp-videnc.exe). 
  • The single test log added: information on all tests is summed up and displayed if they finish successfully. 
  • Tests are checked several times for successful running. 
  • Preliminary diagnostics of availability of required files and software improved (expanded). 
  • It is not required anymore that external software is to be installed into the default folder the test packet automatically searches for it (in any folder, on any logical disc). However, it can take several minutes on slow PCs... 
  • The test packet potentially supports different versions of external software (for example, it's possible to realize the simultaneous support of the Canopus ProCoder Demo and the payware version, Cinema Craft Encoder SP Trial and the full version). If you want this functionality to be added, please, email us. 
  • Test files are checked for "originality" (TEST.MPG and TEST.AVI). If you use fles different from ours you will get a respective notice in the single test log. 

Version 2.0 beta 1 (of 19.12.2003, video-2.0-b1.exe, 1.14 MB)

  • For risky people. Version 2.0, first beta. BAT files are removed, the whole test packet is concentrated in video.exe
  • No self-testing for integrity. 
  • No defragmention. 
  • The mode with complex startup parameters is returned (-dvd, -dv, -all), all tests which can be executed are executed, the others are omitted. 
  • It will become the main version afterwards, after the release of v2.0 the older versions won't be supported anymore. 

Version 1.81 (of 18.12.2003, video-1.81.exe, 1.17 MB)

  • The bug that sometimes caused failure of the Cinema Craft Encoder SP is corrected (message on the expired term of the Trial version). 

Version 1.8 (of 18.12.2003, video-1.8.exe, 1.17 MB)

  • Experimental version with the entirely changed script. The most part of the test load of the script is moved into a special utility (exe file). 
  • Test packet integrity check added: it checks whether all its files and folders are available, and their sizes. If integrity is broken, the test stops and displays an error message. 
  • Diagnostics improved: now the test packet messages give a clear idea why one or another subtest fails. 
  • "Create defragmented space" function removed. 
  • The mode that stops execution of a test or a single subtest if files or software required are not available is returned. 
  • Software test got tougher: now it checks both availablity and size of executable files (a primitive protection from versions incompatible with the test packet). 
  • Results are compatible with the older versions. 
  • There can be unnoticed errors because of a great deal of changes :). 

Version 1.71 (of 17.12.2003, video-1.71.exe, 1.16 MB)

  • The diagnostics on completion of the script is improved, the service scripts (invoked from the main menu), System Requirements HELP are partially rewritten. 
  • Improved nnCron scripts for Mainconcept MPEG Encoder, Canopus ProCoder and Cinema Craft Encoder SP: the execution time measurement improved, the error that sometimes caused failure of the CCE SP test is corrected. 

Version 1.7 (of 16.12.2003, video-1.7.exe, 1.16 MB)

  • MPEG2 encoding with Cinema Craft Encoder SP added. Traditionally, the test packet is intended for freeware demo versions, that is why this subtest is also intended for the freeware Trial version of this software suite. Cinema Craft Encoder SP 2.67 Trial can be downloaded (after registration and reception of account) from this page
  • This change doesn't affect compatibility of results of this version with those of the older ones (starting from 1.5). 

Version 1.61 (of 14.12.2003, video-1.61.exe, 1.16 MB)

  • Test of compatibility of the script with Windows version is now entirely correct, it doesn't run under the Windows NT (earlier only Windows 9x were sifted out). 
  • Now it takes almost no time to check for free space required. 

Version 1.6 (of 12.12.2003, video-1.6.exe, 1.15 MB)

  • The script is altered once again, it doesn't affect the outcome, but it must be easier to understand how the test works as some procedures gor a simpler form. 
  • The free space check procedure is obligatory, i.e. it's now executed irrespective of whether the option <--nodefrag> is enbaled or not. The procedure is long but it guarantees that there will be no failure. We can't make it faster just with the tools of the bat file. 
  • HELP (displayed when !video.bat is started without parameters) and software and files requirements description are expanded. 
  • The "Ssoftware and files requirements" function is tested for each subtest before it's started. When you set <-all> all subtests which can be executed start running, and those which can't are omitted (with a respective message). 
  • The automation script of the -Canopus ProCoder is modified, the previous version sometimes caused the early termination of the test and incorrect results (execution time about 3-5 sec). But if you got correct results with the v1.5, the current version will deliver the same. 
  • Revealed incompatibility of the test packet with the Mainconcept MPEG Encoder 1.4.1: it fails after the command to start encoding into MPEG1/MPEG2. It's ok with the v1.4.0. Version 1.4.1 reacts teh same way to any task related with two-pass encoding. If you managed to encode any data in two passes with the Mainconcept MPEG Encoder 1.4.1, please let us know. We believe that it's the Encoder's fault rather than that of the script. 

Version 1.5 (of 11.12.2003, video-1.5.exe, 1.15 MB)

  • All earlier versions are removed from the site because of the fundamental changes in the test script, time measurement procedure and codecs' settings. The current description of the test technique entirely corresponds to v1.5. 
  • All earlier versions are now unsupported. 
  • The script is fundamentally modified, structured and split into several parts (according to the functions). 
  • Increased precision of mesuring time gaps for the Canopus ProCoder. 
  • Availability of required software and files is determined in a more correct way. 
  • Defragmentation procedure optimized. 
  • <-nodefrag> option added. Note that the test checks for free space in the test folder and on Disc C: simaltaneously with defragmentation. That is why if you abort defragmentation, the test won't check for free space. 
  • The Mastering quality test in the Canopus ProCoder is removed (it doesn't provide more information on performance compared to the Highest Quality mode). 
  • two MPEG2 compression tests carried out with the Mainconcept MPEG Encoder with different settings are brought into one (an average version). 
  • Possible problems: the test packet is intended for the Mainconcept MPEG Encoder 1.4.0. The manufacturer currently offers v1.4.1. The test packed wasn't checked yet for compatibility with it. 

Current versions of software used:

  1. DivX 5.1.1 Pro (we use AdWare version) 
  2. XviD 1.0 beta 2 (Koepi build) 
  3. Windows Media Video 9 VCM 
  4. Mainconcept MPEG Encoder 1.4.0 
  5. Canopus ProCoder Demo 
  6. Apple QuickTime 6.4 
  7. Cinema Craft Encoder SP 2.67 Trial 
  8. nnCron 1.89r2 
  9. VirtualDubMod 

External software and files required:

The following software and files are not included into the test packet. You are to download and install them yourselves. Attention: this is the full list. Some subtests need only a part of this list (see below the requirements). 
  1. DivX 5.1.1 Pro AdWare 
  2. XviD 1.0 beta 2 (Koepi) 
  3. Windows Media Video 9 VCM 
  4. Mainconcept MPEG Encoder 1.4.0 (on completion of the blank) 
  5. Canopus ProCoder Demo (after registration and reception of account). 
  6. Apple QuickTime 
  7. Cinema Craft Encoder SP 2.67 Trial (after registration and reception of account). 
  8. nnCron Automation Manager 1.89r2 
  9. Bend It Like Beckham (unpack and rename into TEST.MPG
  10. TEST.AVI for testing MPEG2 compression speed (636 MB!) 

Subtests requirements:

  1. DivX: DivX 5.1.1 Pro codec, TEST.MPG. 
  2. XviD: XviD 1.0 beta 2 codec (Koepi), TEST.MPG. 
  3. Windows Media Video 9: Windows Media Video 9 VCM codec, TEST.MPG. 
  4. MPEG1: Mainconcept MPEG Encoder 1.4.0, nnCron 1.89r2, TEST.MPG. 
  5. MPEG2/Mainconcept: Mainconcept MPEG Encoder 1.4.0, nnCron 1.89r2, TEST.AVI. 
  6. MPEG2/Canopus: Canopus ProCoder Demo, Apple QuickTime, nnCron 1.89r2, TEST.AVI. 
  7. MPEG2/CCE SP: Cinema Craft Encoder SP 2.67 Trial, nnCron 1.98r2, TEST.AVI. 
iXBT.com expresses its gratitude to Driver.ru for providing hosting and public access to the test file required for measuring MPEG2 compression.

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