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Remember our having satisfaction
To enter 3D graphics times,
Unreal's delicate perfection
Its graceful and alluring lights.

A gamer's heart just started burning
While listening to Voodoo call
Astonished with the skaarj's roaring
And red blood on the dirty wall

But ancient runes are obsolete today
And other heroes are on their way
To thou, my child, I shalt speak sincere -
3dfx's agony is clear.

The life in 3D is moving forward,
Visual progress multiplied,
NVIDIA is thriving onward,
Surging from the rear is ATI.

Once ATI made a big mistake -
Its faithful vassals were expelled
"Won't give them our chips " they decided
And started making cards themselves.

And now I will enlighten you
That ASUS was among the vassals,
It instantly decided what to do
And soon it found a way.

While 3dfx was a power of that time
NVIDIA's glory was already admired.
It passed the hard times of formation
And rivalled 3dfx's ambition.

NVIDIA made friends with ASUS
Rejected by the foolish ATI,
At once the wild and fitful work commenced,
And dozens of new cards then came to light

3dfx was resting on its laurels -
The Voodoo2 was full of fame.
The deed of ATI it treated well,
This act was surely to blame.

And starting from that time, my child,
Prostrate were 3dfx and ATI,
Forgot erstwhile enjoyment and delight
And paradise in 3D life into the bargain

They did produce a lot of cards
But production cost was high,
Storehouses erected day and night
Cards reaching to the sky.

But whom they wanted overtaken?
What was the cause of such a rush?
My dear, have you guessed at last -
The army of NVIDIA was vast.

Yeah, it produces only chips
But their 3D strides are long,
For their many friends in biz
Are more than happy to help them along.

By the time ATI awakes from slumber conditional
With cards production well in hand
Some dozen other firms from Taiwan will appear
To drive ATI from the land.

The very story happened at the end of year 2000
When powerful and mighty GPU RADEON
(Though had descent original and noble)
Has lost its rivalry with GeForce2 squadron.

But it is not yet outworn
And to the scrolls of history was put too early…
The insight of new marketing born
To our fellow ATI (then dawned upon the fellow ATI)

At last the company awoke,
And brother RADEON from its knees arose
Enhanced with the power of new drivers…
Along with this, the price reduction - here it goes.

And the gamers are excited now
With the choices they can make -
Either traditionally mighty GeForce2,
Or the RADEON they could take.

The versions of the card are numerous to choose -
NVIDIA and ATI in rivalry again
Is pleasant for gamers to see.

And finally we've almost reached
The cherished aim of our tour.
Before the door with sign on it we stand,
It says "Welcome to RADEON VE's land."


At first I'll tell you that the card
Has its advantages in price,
It is related to Low-End
And for wallets it's nice.

That's why it's obvious to us
For what to use this card,
Cause it was made for business purpose
And has some 3D art.

This 3D is too modest for RADEON,
It's limited and has no T&L…
But being multipurpose
In 2D realm the card does very well.

  • Graphics Controller - RADEON VE graphics processor
    • 150-166 MHz
    • 1 pixel pipeline
    • 3 texture modules
  • Memory Configurations: 64 MBytes DDR, 32 MBytes DDR, 16 MBytes DDR
    • 64-bit memory exchange bus
    • 183 (366) MHz
  • 3D Acceleration Features
    • HYPER Z technology
    • PIXEL TAPESTRY architecture
    • VIDEO IMMERSION technology
    • Twin Cache Architecture
    • Single-Pass Multi-texturing (3 textures per clock cycle)
    • True Color Rendering
    • Triangle Setup Engine
    • Texture Cache
    • Bilinear/Trilinear Filtering
    • Texture Decompression support under DirectX (DXTC) and OpenGL
    • Specular Highlights
    • Perspectively Correct Texture Mapping
    • Mip-Mapping
    • Z-buffering and Double-buffering
    • Emboss, Dot Product 3 and Environment bump mapping
    • Spherical, Dual-Paraboloid and Cubic environment mapping
    • Full Screen Anti-Aliasing (FSAA)
  • HydraVision Multiple Monitor Management Software for a flexible output of image onto two receivers (VGA-connector for CRT-monitors and DVI-connector for digital monitors)
  • The DVI-to-VGA adapter allows to use a CRT-monitor as the second one instead of the digital monitor, providing full value operation with two monitors
  • TV-out (S-Video, but they supply an S-Video-to-RCA adapter) can be used as the second receiver
  • Possibility of a interchanging of the first and the second signal receivers
  • HydraVision Multidesk Software allows to organize up to 9 virtual tables on one monitor
  • 3D max resolution:
    • 65K colors: 1920X1440
    • 16.7M colors: 1920X1200


RADEON VE video card…
And AGP 4x the standard is,
DDR SDRAM is built in it,
So you'll be definitely pleased.

And memory is placed on it
With 4 chips total,
In photo all this could be seen…
But, God, the bus is awful.

This bus is only 64 bits wide
Therefore you don't rely on speed
But the card has another side. The special thing is its design
If two monitors is your need.

It is designed in such a way
Two outputs just come at hand
To DVI and VGA per clock
The image could be sent

For you to have an image
On common VGA displays
The DVI-to-VGA adapter
Has its well-suited place.

From different display solutions
We freely choose the many,
Which two of them it doesn't matter
TV, LCD or any.

And then by one move of your hand,
By click in menus we can see -
Receivers may be changed at ease
If they were turned on awkwardly.

There is one more advantage I can find for you,
This videocard we've been discussing
Comparing with NVIDIA TwinView
Has two RAMDACs built in its body.

And each of them has 300 MHz
Which puts the monitors in equal conditions,
Believe me it is not a usual thing
For cards in this division.

One desktop is an attribute of yesterday
And HydraVision understands it -
With homely look it sits in tray
Allowing us to use 9 desktops.

In the box

We have an OEM version of the card,
Adapters and the disk were there to our luck.
Installing it would not be hard,
It makes the bang for our buck.


This card has rather big potential -
Its looks give us that impression.
But with no OC programs
The overclocking here is under question.

Installation and drivers

The rig we used is usual to you,
It is familiar to everyone who reads us.
It's understandable as two plus two
That mighty Intel there inhabits.

  • processor: Intel Pentium III 1000 MHz:
  • mainboard: Chaintech 6OJV (i815);
  • RAM: 256 MBytes PC133;
  • HDD: IBM DPTA 20 GBytes;
  • OS: Windows 98 SE;
  • monitors: ViewSonic P810 (21") and ViewSonic P817 (21").

VSync was always off
It is no news for you,
The drivers version 7.078
Were used for the review.

For you to have an opportunity
To easily compare or maybe praise the thing,
To learn the stuff through careful scrutiny
Or maybe even blame something -

The list of other cards in the comparison
We represent to thee,
So study - it is not an empty word
Hard work was made as you can see.

And the results of our test are here
With all decent conclusions,
And I suppose that it may help
Get rid of one's delusions.


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