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Nokia 7270 GSM Phone Review


Impressions and Conclusions

Nokia 7270 provides normal reception quality. The speaker volume is rather high, it's quite enough in most cases, the audio quality is good.

The battery life is about 4-5 days with 10-15 minutes of calls every day and active menu exploration. It's a good figure for a clamshell phone.

24-chord polyphonic ringtones sound very loud, so that it can be potentially heard in any environment. But there are two problems. Firstly, preinstalled ringtones are basically of modern genres and thus notable for impure sound (mostly percussions), so they are most easily muffled by the street noise. Secondly, a 24-chord synthesizer is still not enough for a good arrangement. The vibra alert is evidently bad: it's notable for small vibration amplitude. But the problem is rather that the vibrations are mostly felt at the sides instead of the front and the rear. Considering that it's these surfaces that touch the body when you carry the phone in a pocket, we can state the generally low level of the vibra perceptibility.

From the technical point of view Nokia 7270 is quite a successful product and it demonstrates noticeable progress in comparison with previous clamshell phones from this company. Of course, you can compare this phone directly only with Nokia 7200, because they are products of the same class. The new phone is better due to a larger display, louder polyphonic ringtones, better quality of the materials and housing, as well as professionally engineered construction, which provides the lack of backlashes and squeaks and firm fixation of the phone in opened and closed positions. Nokia 7270 is also better than 7200 by its fashion characteristics – it's smaller, metallic covers look more imposing, expensive, and solid than the plastic ones in 7200. Fans of textile wraps can use them with this phone as well, but the phone looks OK even without them, it provides even more freedom in customizing its appearance.

We've got a good subjective impression of Nokia 7270. The phone is reasonably extravagant, and what is more important – its build quality is high. Besides, it is stuffed with a rich set of modern functions, which most fashion models cannot boast of. The phone does not have critical drawbacks, the most annoying issue being a weak vibra alert. The other minor shortcomings are quite pardonable.

Nokia 7270 enters the market at an interesting moment — after Samsung assaulted the fashion segment and filled it with its models and, from the one hand, the Samsung brand was at last as accepted by the elite audience as Nokia, on the other hand, one can see the predominance of models from this manufacturer, they are in plenty, they already lost its exclusive nature, and the fashion audience starts to search what can arouse its interest except Samsung. Nokia has strong positions here, because its brand is of high account. Nokia acts in several directions — it manufactures loud, brave and somewhat unexpected products, unlike more successive, discreet Samsung designs, and it competently advertises its products. The finnish company also significantly outscores the koreans in functionality, its products supporting advanced services and having better business functionality. They only lack either a new idea for fashion mongers of how to use these functions, or unique Nokia functions demanded by customers. It's highly probable that the role of the latter will be played by getting rapidly popular PTT service, which is not yet supported in korean phones. But even without it, Nokia 7270 is an excellent product, which is bound to become a fashion hit in case of a competent advertising campaign.


Ivan Melnichuk (ivan_melnichuk@ixbt.com)
November 10, 2004
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