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Fujitsu Siemens LIFEBOOK E – Full Sized and High Performance



The keyboard in this notebook is of the unusual white color. Recherche, as they say. The extreme right row of buttons, usually including PgUp, PgDn, Home, End, is no more. Those functions are delegated to the two buttons located with the cursor keys. Keyboard layout with a short left Shift button will be familiar to Logitech desktop keyboard users. It should be noted that the left Ctrl button is in its "legitimate" place – in the bottom left corner.

Users will be pleased with two cursor positioning devices. Besides a standard touchpad, this notebook also has a joystick in the center of the keyboard. This device, named differently by different manufacturers, is very convenient when working with text – you don't have to take your hands away from the keyboard to position the cursor.

Both the joystick and the touchpad are convenient, there are also vertical scroll buttons.

LCD panel, traditional for notebooks from this company, is located above the keyboard. It helps identify the model, no more credits can be added to this element. When the display panel is closed, it provides no information about the notebook status or the power status (power source, battery charging) when the notebook is off. Moreover, this LCD panel reads badly when there is not enough light.

Four programmable quick-launch buttons for applications are located near the display.

Them and the Enter button form the Security Panel – additional frontier to protect the notebook from unauthorized access. A user can specify up to five combinations to be typed successively at startup or when leaving the suspended mode. Password is checked at startup before BIOS is loaded.

On the whole this model cuts a successful notebook for corporate use with good ergonomics and developed security capacities.

Warranty and Tech Support

LIFEBOOK notebooks are backed up by a three-year warranty (for batteries and power supply units – 1 year). The list of service centers is published on the site. Unfortunately the warranty for notebooks bought abroad is not valid in Russia, and vice versa. The site contains a link to a database of drivers and documentation.


We express our thanks to Fujitsu Siemens
for the provided notebook.

Nikolai Dorofeyev (niko@ixbt.com)
December 8, 2004

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