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September 2002 3Digest: SIS648- and i850e-based graphics comparison

3DMark2001, Game2 - Low Details

Unreal Tournament Demo 2003, maximum settings

Comanche4 - maximum settings

Serious Sam: The Second Encounter, Grand Cathedral

RightMark Video Analyzer

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As you know, i850e and SIS648 differ by memory supported: RDRAM and DDR SDRAM. It has been repeatedly proved that in most cases, combined with i850e/RDRAM PC4200, Pentium 4 provides higher performance.

However, our tests indicate this advantage to be very small and negligible in most cases at 1024x768 and hogher. This does resemble i850 and i845D comparison.

Andrew Worobyew (Anvakams@ixbt.com)
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