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September 2002 3Digest -
NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4200 with AGP8x 128MB

This chip is presented by reference NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4200 with AGP8x 128MB, AGP.


We've already used to the appearance of improved products 6 months after their original version release (TNT - TNT2, GeForce - GeForce2, GeForce3 - NV25). But this time it was marketing who moved NV25 release from the fall of 2001 to February 2002, as they had to release Ti200/500 to compete with new ATI products. And so NV25 or GeForce4 was released. And already as a line: 4200-4600. Though Ti4400/4600 appeared in February 2002, 4200 series were announced only in April and appeared in retail in May. Currently Ti4200 line is the most popular in this GeForce4 family. Rather following a fashion, then the actual need, NVIDIA announced GeForce 4 Ti 4200 with AGP8x to be ready for the appearance of mobos, supporting AGP 3.0.

Read more about GeForce4 in the following articles:

Wasn't overclocked.

On the 10th of September 2002 the latest drivers from NVIDIA are 30.20, 31.00, 40.41 for Windows XP.

Test results are in the summary diagrams.

Pay attention to the article concerning anisotropic filtering.

I shall mark that GeForce3/4 supports new types of antialiasing based on multisampling (MSAA) technology, including noteworthy Quincunx mode (read about it in our GeForce3 review). But it has a serious disadvantage of texture soaping. But we should have already used to trade-offs of modern accelerators. I recommend you to read the GeForce4 Ti article and get acquainted with the new 4xS AA.

Interesting technologies of working with vertex and pixel shaders allow to create more realistic lighting effects and to form original solutions:

Vertex shaders and fur

The power and perfomance of GeForce4 is in the best way demonstrated in the demo-version of the CodeCreatures engine with already two games in development:

Pixel shaders in action