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Setting up and rendering illumination in Brazil r/s.

Part 1. Brazil tools review


Schemes and Strategies for Calculating Illumination

The main purpose of this review is above all to analyze brazil configuration methods and means for indirect illumination calculations. And many other issues, important for illumination on the whole, are left out of the scope of this article. For example, setting up direct illumination and materials. However, this approach is justified, because it allows better focus on the object of the article. Later on, both direct illumination and materials, as well as other topics, will surely be touched upon in descriptions of sample illumination settings for certain scenes, but only as much as necessary.

Indirect illumination calculation setup pursues only two objects in the long run. The first one – to obtain smooth rendered images with secondary illumination, without visible patches, hot spots/dark areas in the corners and other artifacts. The second – to obtain physically correct secondary illumination while preserving smooth rendered images. The latter task is much more difficult, it requires more time and efforts.

There can be three methods of calculating secondary illumination.

  1. QMC method only. This method is suitable for the both tasks, but it's very slow.
  2. Photon map only. This method is fast, rather easy to configure, but it only allows to obtain smooth secondary illumination. To obtain smooth and correct secondary illumination is presently impossible because of the RAM limit of the operating system, which in most cases does not allow the required density of a photon map.
  3. Regathering. QMC is used to calculate the first diffuse bounce, a photon map is used for all the other secondary multiple reflections. Regathering solves both tasks successfully with the high resulting image quality and in a relatively short time. There are two types of this method – photon maps of a low and high densities.

All the three methods of calculating illumination in brazil are used in practice and their examples will be reviewed in much detail in the next, second part of the review.

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Igor Sivakov (igsiv@mail.ru)

December 2, 2004

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