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AVerTV Box 9 – Flagship of the Series of Portable TV Tuners from AVerMedia Technologies Inc.


Design and specifications

Features different from Box 5:

  • Supports 1280x1024 resolution
  • Supports A2/NICAM stereo
  • Supports component YCbCr input
  • Multiple channel preview
  • Picture-in-Picture See-Through Translucent Mode
  • On/off timer

This device claims to support teletext in european countries, but either Russia is not a part of Europe or this function fell a victim of adaptations to our market.

You may have noticed that the tuner design does not differ from that of Box 5. Its dimensions (158x113x24 mm) remained unchanged, and so Box 9 is one of the most compact portable tuners.

The tuner can be installed horizontally as well as vertically (the bundle includes a vertical stand).

The front panel still houses audio-ins, composite video input, headphones jack, IR-receiver, and a tuner activity LED. Implementation of the component input resulted in the transformation of the standard S-Video 4-pin into a 7-pin connector.

The rear panel was not modified. Antenna connector (flush-mounted and extended with an adapter), VGA connectors, and audio in/out stay put.

The model range is certainly designed with due regard for manufacturing unification. Nevertheless, the new features of this TV tuner naturally resulted in some changes in PCB design.

Box 9 uses Philips FQ1216 ME/I H-3 HF-module (common for all models of this series).

Video processing is performed by a proprietary AV3003B processor.

Philips SAA7114H replaced the 9-bit Philips SAA7118E ADC from Philips Semiconductors supporting component YCbCr output.

A2/NICAM stereo is decoded by a separate Philips TDA9874AH demodulator/audio decoder, which is installed on the back side of the PCB.

We are also to mention an 8-bit microcontroller from SyncMOS Technologies Inc.

and a 2 MB memory module from ESMT.


Alexei Samsonov aka AlS (als@ixbt.com)

November 17, 2004
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